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Mike Hauser  Sep 2018
The Mindful
Mike Hauser Sep 2018
You catch them hanging out
Pretty much on the edge
Of the cranium
Where they like to lay their eggs

They keep you remembering
All that you should know
If you need to have a name
They go by the mindful

Once the eggs have hatched
You'll be mindful of this and that
Keeping you on your guard
Of what should be done and said

Into your brain they will burn
All in life we need to learn
Keeping an eye on those around
Is mostly the mindful's concern

They take it to task amongst themselves
To be mindful of everyone else
For after all isn't that
What a mindful life is all about

So don't be scared, don't be afraid
When you feel an itching of the brain
It's just the mindful laying ground
Soon enough to be paved

Making sure the road ahead's
Not too bumpy or too rough
As you're on your way to what
You should be mindful of
abel  May 2017
Be Mindful
abel May 2017
Be mindful of the squirrel,
And its tendency to forget
Where it stored its meals for the winter.
Because of the squirrel's forgetfulness,
We have forests.

Be mindful of the spider,
And its predacious instincts.
Because of the spider's will to hunt,
We are not subject to the possibility
Of infinite, relentless mosquitoes.

Be mindful of the rat,
And its compliance in so many lab tests.
Though it is placed there by force,
This species has suffered enough to be nonexistent,
Solely to benefit those who placed it in harm's way.
Should the rat not return to the Earth in another generation,
Science would need to find another test subject.
And it would go through so many,
Scientists would have no choice,
But to test on us.

Be mindful of Mother Earth,
And her forgiveness and strength.
Forgiveness for the wounds we have placed upon her,
And strength to be ever resilient despite these difficulties.
Without Mother Earth's open arms
And sturdy architecture,
We would not be here
To inflict more pain upon her,
And ask for more forgiveness.

Be mindful of each other,
And the compassion within us
That we are able to comprehend
And reciprocate.
Because of each other's kindness,
We have not seen the end
Of our beautiful, yet young, existence.