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Secret-Author Nov 2018
This is the bottom.
For months, I have felt this hollow tunnel inside of me. It has been the only constant for a while. Like a wind tunnel on fire.  

Steadily I have felt worse in ways I never imagined. Each morning has been harder to get out of bed; I genuinely can't remember a day that didn't start with me bent over the toilet. Yet I stand, shakily. Sometimes covered in ***** - and I clean myself up.
I get in my car. And I drive to work.

I am empty inside. I have no story. I have no melody.
I am untitled.
Fast and full of people
Mixed with various ages and genders
A vehicle that could take you anywhere
But never waits for you

It doesn't unless if it needs to load new passengers
You know where you wanted to go
But it drops you off wherever it wanted

You're on your own now
As it mercilessly open it's floor open it's floor per traveler
So sudden you wouldn't know where to hold

You could only climb back up to station
To wait for it's appearance to show again
Or you could use a part of it
That you only managed to hold on

To chase it back again
Or to throw it with anger

If I could see that train again
I would do my best to hold onto it
As hard as I could
As hard as it gets
As hard as it shakes me off to fall
mo Nov 2022
because they hit like ****** on a friday night.
when my blanket has had enough of reassuring my anxious mind
it's your lovely phantom that hugs me then:
a figment of my pleasant longing
for your hands and the way they hug mine.

sleep with me.
maybe we'll wake up sat on a for-two caddy  
parked across the hanging end of a moonlit prairie.
we'll toss the keys to our locked embrace
until the sun finds us and throws them back.
i have indeed fallen asleep to thoughts of u
Datore Fargo Nov 2022
My heart,
is quite,
in the pit,
of my chest.
But it also,
doesn’t quite,
in the palm,
of your hand.
Maybe if,
you squeeze,
just a bit,
you could,
shrink it.
Datore Fargo Nov 2022
I got,
a complication.
It’s kinda,
really dumb.
You’d call it,
and possibly,
some sort,
of weird,
There’s this guy,
works down at,
the bus station.
He says,
this is nothing,
but a simulation.
And yeah,
I know,
it’s an eyeroll,
kinda situation,
but try to have,
some imagination,
ask more,
There’s this,
really cool dude,
he’s a bit crude,
not really that,
He swears,
no truly,
he dares,
that some of us,
aren’t from,
around here.
Yeah sure,
it’s laughable,
you’d say,
but not completely,
And if you knew,
what I do,
maybe you’d,
tie your shoes,
stop tripping,
on all these,
There’s this alien,
oops sorry,
his name is,
He said it,
all started,
with his operation.
He says,
it happened,
while he was,
on vacation,
in Aruba.
Do you believe it?
They picked,
him up,
at a petrol,
All he can do,
is sit,
and think,
about you.
Splash in puddles,
and skip pebbles,
all the while,
on the hunt,
for rainbows.
He swears,
he dares,
it’s all,
Datore Fargo Nov 2022
She bleeds,
the universe,
and cries,
shooting stars.
Like a princess,
out of her ballgown,
so out of,
she lets freedom,
With glitter,
in her hair,
she sparkles,
even at,
I find myself,
finding pieces,
she left,
She ran,
so far,
she didn’t,
even think,
The palace just,
was never her,
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