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It began with a lie
Sewn into the fabric of my mind
He hummed a sweet lullaby
That made me want to cry
And with a poisonous kiss
He would say goodnight

I wonder what really makes a man?
Is it the blueprint or his plan?
Will he be judged by his deed?
Or by the child he ministered to in need?
Irregardless of the wealth or the fame
A man shall always be known by his family name
Like a stalwart tree against the gale
He stands strong, never to fail

They told me love would come in disguise
Like a stranger who would be my demise

They told me that love was an inevitability
Like Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility

They told me to prioritize my own needs
In a society surrounded by greed

They told me that children were a burden
And that fathers were not for certain

But when I found love
It came without me knowing
Unbeknownst to me this love was showing
All the hidden colors I could never see
With anyone else
But my lover and me

Love was my best friend
A friend that would never end

When you find him
He will not be amongst the skyscrapers
But in the meadows of trees

When you find him
He will not be with the champions
But with the poor in heart

When you find him
He will not have silver
But will have grain

When you find him
He will be the giver of your heart's desire
Not a thief of the night

When you find him
You will know
That he is the one

Constantly craving
The attention
Of an unwanted suitor
Is the greatest folly
Of a well-mannered woman

She regretted her words
Like the knife she cut on her skin
As compensation for her crimes

My daddy said I was worth a diamond
But no man is willing to pay that price

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