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Kirsten Claire Nov 2021
When I saw you again
You tasted like bitter wine
The faintest recollection
That you were once mine

It's the "could haves"
The "should haves"
That leave my heart in halves

With you I had my crescendo
And like all music
You found a new tempo

Nothing prepares you for meetings with old lovers.
Kirsten Claire Jul 2021
In an age of strong female heroines
Be the small little hobbit
For there is greatness
In simplicity

Kirsten Claire Jul 2021
I could never understand
What could force someone
To harm their sacred vessel
To take a knife to their canvas
Painting it the deepest red

But then again
My skies are blue
And theirs is gray
So maybe I don't understand
But I want to try

To all of you hurting, I pray for you <3
Kirsten Claire Dec 2020
A delicately wrapped package
Was left on the steps of my abode
Waiting for him to come by
As I peeked out my window
But no one came
And the package lay unopened
And untouched

Kirsten Claire Dec 2020
A heart made of ice
With no cold there is no warmth
I embrace the snow

Kirsten Claire Dec 2020
Sunlight through the trees
Cherry blossoms in full bloom
He is my meadow

Kirsten Claire Dec 2020
How could I leave someone behind
Who left me empty-handed and blind?

Why would I crawl back to that space
Where hell had its place?

Who would I even call
With the phone hanging on the wall?

What sins did I commit this time
Was it my chastity or speaking out of line?

When do I have that sweet release
As I usher in the age of peace?

Where do I find my relief
When it is with my abuser I sleep?

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