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Caia Halmas Jun 2018
If I keep still
For much longer
I'll disappear

I won't vanish into thin air
Like a blow of a cigarette
Or a cry of dispair

I'll stay,
Pinned to this bed
A petrified marionette
No longer attached to the strings of this net

So you ask,
What trick do you play
To fool your own self
To step out on this day
As lonely and grey
As it might come your way
Or as you may portray?

A touch of oneself.
"A sheepish remedy!",
You might complain.
"You should feel shame!"

What can I say...
At least,
It gets the heart pumping
As I go out lumping
To tick the boxes on this never ending list
Hoping to find unexpected bliss
Caia Halmas Jun 2018
When looking for people,
you'll always find food.
So look for food,
and you'll find friends.
Cause that's how it always ends :
with good food on their hands,
a table surrounded by friends.
I hope you're enjoying a nice juicy whole roasted pig wherever you are mister Anthony Bourdain. You will be missed. This little ridiculous poem I just improvised obviously doesn't convey the amazing legacy you left behind, nor the incredible person you were. Thank you for sharing your adventures with the rest of the world : they've always been truly inspiring.
Caia Halmas Feb 2018
They tell me
"Be a warrior
not a worrier"
But where is
my armour,
my sword
my helmet ?

You state such a claim,
but where should I aim ?
Who is the enemy,
the one to be defeated ?
Please point at it now
so this journey can be completed,
for I'm tired to allow
my mind to doubt so desperately.

I wish you'd hand it to me on a plate.
But hey, what's the fun in this mate ?
If the path is too straight,
how will I learn
to trust my own fate
without a string to follow ?
I guess my fear
I'll just have to swallow.
Caia Halmas Feb 2018
Oh Brother,
On your quests always so diligent
To accomplish what you seek
My efforts remain negligent
My body tired and weak
Though we share the same blood
And grew up in the same hood
Your mind found its way
Among words to stay
While mine got away
So foggy and stray

Our hearts,
Stepping out of the same closet
Yours fueling your strive
Mine consuming to survive
Yours building a mindset
Mine still looking for an outset

Oh Brother,
You ran to a land faraway
Just when I found I could relate
So I used this gateway
To be able to articulate
For expressing myself face to face
Would only unwholesomely convey
What my mouth could no longer retain

Oh Brother,
What should I do to snap out
Of this prone position, so tightly bound ?
I’ve wiped my tears and shout
But still can't loose the pound
And this obsession with loosing
Got me trapped into this tunnel

Vision of Gideon
Where can I find you?
Is it a person?

I need a clue
Give me the cue

— The End —