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Kurt LaVacque Nov 2015
Don't let the moon cry
She said
As the earth grew another blade of grass
It will be ok
As the trees say
Wish not for things to always be
In order for life to grow
They need room to spread their wings
I cannot tell you how to balance
This transient knowledge
As I myself have been lost in the collage of greatness
Can I ask you a question?
Who are you?
And why must I ask this?
Kurt LaVacque Nov 2015
I'm done being held down by what is believed to be right
I had a vision of the future the pictures your painting for me
Is a complete disillusion
I see people
They’re laughing
They’re smiling
Living life for themselves
And not for the case of surviving
Why is that we wish to hold ourselves back from
Evolving past
The relentless track of our human lack of understanding
The thing is
I don’t think its our choice
If it was
We would be there already
Not money hungry for that new something something
You saw on TV yesterday
Why do we keep playing this game
If we already know that tomorrow is a different day
Kurt LaVacque Nov 2015
I feel unreal
When I peer off into the distance
As most humans only paint pictures they witness
I miss this
I miss the way we used to set our bars higher than the stars
How the warmth of the sun can cool even the ****** and be done
I wish it were that simple
I wish that we could be held responsible for being what we are
Because us
We are not worthy of that responsibility
But we will be
One day
One day we will be able to walk across the seas
As do the birds
And as well as the breeze
One day the sky will clear
Without any noxious gases limiting the visibility of our fears
All we can do is hope
Hope that one day
We will be in charge of own tight rope
Kurt LaVacque Apr 2015
By the creek we sit dormant
Filling the empty spaces with sensational ornaments
Like a Christmas tree
We can be turned from plain
To extraordinary
All it takes is for you to sit and be still
So that one day
You can be the ruler of your world as well
Kurt LaVacque Apr 2015
Until I find you
I lay awake
Before I fall asleep

Trying to imagine

What it would be like
What it would feel like
To hold you in my arms

To taste your lips as they quiver for another kiss
Then you would grab my neck with intent
Pulling me closer
Holding me harder
As I run my fingers down the curves of your body


So slowly.....
Just so I can see.....


To get a glimpse of the truth hidden behind your lips

I want to feel your heart beat
Thumping on my chest

I want to hear your voice
Please sing to me
Please stay with me
Please don't leave me


As I fall from this dreamality
And realize it's nothing more than just another moment of insanity

I still hear you
I still feel you

Darling until I find you
Life will be just a preview
Kurt LaVacque Mar 2015
Being alone
Is not being lonely
Being lonely
Is not being depressed
And being depressed doesn't mean your alone
If we all focus on the messy details of the disaster we call our lives
What would happiness be?
What would it take to be happy?
There is a reason we only see as well as we do
There is a reason why we only fall asleep when it's time to
We just don't know yet
Well we know
But we don't
Does that make sense?
Yeah, Me either
If I was going to wish for something
Something that would actually help people in the way that we're suppose to be helped
It have something to do with love
And then a lot more love on top of that
Like the Beatles said
All you need is love
That's because love is all you need
Kurt LaVacque Mar 2015
Jenny, I'm in love
Jenny my love
Jenny, I love
I love Jenny
My love is Jenny
Im in love with Jenny

4 minutes of the most
Moment of my life
Has just occurred
Not in the sense that it just happened
But, I mean
We just happened
In the most random, precise way possible

I left my home for a journey across country
For a new adventure
For a new beginning
Who knew
That the adventure was you
Beginning with the first time we spoke around 2
Who would have known
That the girl I met and fell in love with was you
I didn't
Did you?

I didn't know dreams could come true
Until I looked at you
Into your eyes more specifically
For 4 minutes
We sat
Hearts beating
As we switch to other eye because
One eye isn't enough
When we smile nervously because we are wondering if we are both feeling
The same

From the bottoms of your toes
To the tip of your nose
I love you Jenny
Which way shall we go?
That's what I was thinking
Kurt LaVacque Mar 2015
Next to nowhere
She lays
Still bitten with the rage
Of the still torn pages inside
The left look behind
She saw 12
Hundreds in gathering to see a masterpiece
To see a great feast take place
Inside the belly of the beast we embrace
We brace for
10 until later our velvet skin was torn
It was not a book she was reading
Life admits it to be true
Things only seem
as they seem to you
As they are
As we are
8 left
We read from the dead to find the meaning of life
Still hidden from
Foreign to the match tip burns
Rage to the night
Rage to all the ends of the strings tied to the ropes we bleed from
Free fall to the once forgotten song
We sing
We breathe in again
Within minutes of each other
The numbers fall
6 legs on this chair
Holding each one
Carefully in the air
Not the slightest ripple
From even the slow moving and inconvenient
We all crawl as one
A notebook drawn by the sun
With the letters as colors and pages as numbers
We will all learn to see when it's raining
We will learn to be forgiven
For what has happened
4 steps to the partially broken door hinge
Lay Waste to the less fortunate
For I have come without a hood to cover my ears
Up the elevator we climb
To the tip of the mountain we press
This is not a test
2 questions unanswered
We must learn to run before we crawl
the voices say
To follow your heart
From every beat
And from every start
There will be a finish
A tapered trip to an answer well lived to be heard
Hear all what you want to see like
And say all that you wish to breathe like
Kurt LaVacque Mar 2015
Simple yet a affective
We dream of the day without needing disinfectant
It's not that we are *****
It's that we are
And never will be clean
We will never be 100%
No germ
No *******
It's written in pen
But you accidentally smudged it with your freshly cleaned linen
We live in a world where everything is a mess
But optimistically call it's it
"A little spill"
Or "a few crumbs"
You never hear anyone talk about how ****** the world is
Like they're going to get something done
Not any sort of panic
No fear of the unknown
It's become so normal
That we forget that we are owned
Some one has a file with our name on it
In a drawer, in a room with only one door
But someone locked it
And no one knows who
But if there is anything to look forward to
There is a door
And behind it
The world is so much more
Kurt LaVacque Mar 2015
I am still
I am calm
I am dusk
I am dawn  
From the tips of my toes
To the highest books on the shelf
I wait for you
Please Let me

Let me be your eyes darling
Let me see the color of your sky
From the perspective of your eyes
Let me reach out and touch you
With my hands holding yours
Let me follow you to no where
And I will open all the doors
We will leave this place forever
And find somewhere new
That will always play summer
And the sky always blue
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