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Cognizant that to
Crosschecking, the credulous
May not pay serious attention,
WHO’s Director General
Abusing your position,
As a hoodwinking trick
Tears trickling down
Each of your cheek
I saw you expressing
A cooked up idea,
An interviewee,
On a so called
Reputed media.
A reputed media
Ironically and terribly
A probing knack
That does lack.
To media weak
To cross examine
Whether the whole
Truth you speak.
“Why your likes—
Terrorists TPLF juntas—
Fired rockets
To a neighboring state
Intent a terror to create?
Why you did the same
On Eritrea
To create
In East Africa hysteria?

“Why in Mia kadra
Your likes
—Genocide perpetrators—
Massacring the feeble
And unarmed civilians
With a machete
Expressed to what extent
The Amhara race
You hate.”
“Why your likes
The Ethio-Eriteria border
You stabbed in the back many
A national army member
In the back,
Worse waiting till
It gets pitch dark?
Salivating for arsenals
Must you
Your siblings attack?
Is it to invite
Self-defending soldiers
From the border’s other side?
Or is it running amok
To enjoy in Eretria a free ride?
Now playacting a victim
Why you try the truth
To hide?”

“Why the likes of you
For about 3 decades
You bled
The country dry,
Forcing millions
Lamenting their fate
With empty stomach die?
Why including those who
Hail from your ethnic
Background, on safetynet
Leaned for existence to date?

I wonder how now
You dare
To show affectation
Humanitarian issue
In Tigray is in
Your radar of care?

Laundered dollars,
Abroad, stashed away
Lavishly dishonest journalists
You buy as it isn’t hard
To get such guys today.
A spoiled brat
Mercenaries you hunt.

Now, barefacedly
Must you cry?
“ ‘Doves are my
Likes and I
How failed you
To pity us? Why?’
Akin a crocodile
Loud you cry?”

“Why atavism of
The likes of you—
Mafias— spread
Throughout the land.
While the blood
Of the innocent is
Fresh on your hand,
You dream how
For reinstating
The despotic regime
Another chance
You could stand?

“Why mentally sick
The likes of you—
Colonial legacy mongers,
Vanguards of common wealth
White supremacists –
Disgustingly ingratiate
In a way
Unheard of to date
Ready to receive
And A to Z execute
What they dictate?
And to historic enemies
A hand you lend
A sign moral-wise
You are clinically dead.

“Why the likes of you—
Political thugs—
**** was your
Characteristic feature?
Mr. Director General
To spice the interview
Leave not
Your ****** exploits
That you most remember.
Of course, tell us you can,
While in power
How many
**** victims’ demonstration
In Mekle
You and your friends
Conspired to ban.
Yes **** is a
Worst crime
But registered weres
Many such offences
In your time.

Yours ,sham media
And dishonest lobbyists
Unholy marriage
Provokes the
Innocents’ rage! ///
Crocodile tears
Tying a string to loan
Coercing a poor country,
Under the yoke of poverty
To squawk and groan,
Also making
The noose tighter, tighter
So that aid it fails to garner,
Allow a hypocrite donor
To flog the receiver
Into a restricted domain
To every donor’s whim
Saying “Amen.”

Tragically, this way receiver’s
Development wishes
And growths’ talk
Will go up in smoke.

In such manner,
With malfunctioned cog,
Receiver turns
The tail of the donor dog,
On the other hand,
For donor’s
Geopolitical advantage,
With preferential treatment
The ingratiating donor’s pet,
Pampered, will enjoy
Jealously -strewn
Dream’s fulfillment
To its heart’s content,
While the pushover
Smothered, maltreatments
Has to suffer.

It is such strings
The pushover-made
Ethiopia managed to cut
To generate much-needed
Over 5000 Megawatt.
Megawatt, which commands,
On the back, many a pat.

In so doing
Ethiopia has set an example
Emerging countries
Could realize
Developmental take off
By own dabble
Ramming home donors’
Double standard is
What they can
Do without, while in
Birth cry bout.

Chopping the string
With a self-esteem knife
Ethiopia born GERD to life
Tapping Abay (Blue Nile)—
A confluence of rivers,
Which are rife.

Ethiopia is
Tapping its gigantic river
That originates from its soil
To do away with women’s
Back-breaking toil.

Ethiopia is harnessing
Its prodigal river
To avoid fetching firewood,
Chocked with smoke,
To prepare food.

Ethiopia is subduing
Its God-bestowed river
To outreach with light
Students that study
Late into the night
For want of
A reading lamp
That use smoky lantern
In far-flung corners of
The country’s
Schools’ map.

Ethiopia is
Forcing the river
Yield a hand
So that
Nation’ demand
Mushrooming industries’
Soon, will flow
Like an irrigating flood.

Ethiopia is
Taming the wild river
In a bid
GERD starts
Generating hydropower soon
To let the region enjoy
The unprecedented boon.

When GERD materializes,
The heinous, covetous
Donors’ pet ,
Which claims to date
The river is
Its exclusive right
Will be
Coerced to stop
Eclipsing the country’s
Affluence hope.

The less privileged
Round the globe
Which are
Under the same fate
Development ******
Could emulate.

Soon Ethiopia will
Join the club
Countries marked
Industrial hub.

You know something?
Arm twisting
Is the mystery of the string!
So go for bootstrapping
Use shoestring.
Current unfolding
For three reform years
Engaged in a killing spree
Not allowing citizens’
Mind for a second to be free
Among ethnic & religious groups
Creating and fomenting antipathy
Of the highest degree
We proved adamant
Rejecting every peace plea.
No wonder, no wonder  
We treated kneeled mothers
With a cold shoulder,
In such manner, we gave order
“Do it. Go ahead
**** the feeble, elderly
Even every lacerating mother
In her bed.
Turn the land a river red
With atrocity ‘TPLF made’.”

About money worry
Should we why?
For three decades we ******,
We bled the country dry.
Dollars we dispatched abroad
Stashing-away some in our abode.

Promising African democracy
On par with current Ghana,
We chained some political prisoners
With a hyena—our emblem
In our ill-reputed political game.

Many to subdue,
Out of the framework of law
We brought to life
A score of Guantanamo bay
Where numerous, underground,
Were tortured night and day.

As a junta
When our mind threatened
Us of a conscious pang
On it, we put out our tongue.

We were
A living billboard of a terrorist
But putting on a mask
Many we blacklisted
On the terrorist list
In such a fashion
The myopic—UN, EU
IMF, WB— the offender
For a victim admit.

Massacre, genocide
We committed with great passion
Also exposing our own nation
For a possible invasion.

Odd as it may sound, attacking
The national defense force
In barracks out to keep border
But defeated by a militia &ENDF
We complain attack on our
Ethnic group by a country yonder.

Dealt a devastating blow
Our moral has hit ever time low.

During our heyday
In our state the demonstration
Of **** victims we used to ban
But now reversing the talk
Loud shout we can
To the international community
“Come up with ‘Stop **** spree
In Tigray!’ decree”

While in TPLF’s reign
A single junta did **** girls fifty
But none of us saw that
Uncouth or naughty.
“If accused
Let alone bring him to court
We could see him off to port!”
We said.

What is more
By ENDF after defeat
Before we retreat
Let us release thugs to run amok
And on Tigray’s rebuilding
And stabilization wheels
To insert a spoke.
There is no organization
No nation as UN, EU &US a fool
But who seem cool.
Fabricating lies
We shall prove ourselves
Innocent in their eyes.
Abroad on demonstration square
Shouting for help flat on our back
To dupe the global community
Let us try our luck.

Of course, media outlets
That deserved a high five
Have fallen from grace,
‘cause for want of integrity
Journalism has observably
Made a nosedive.
Unfortunately those
Countries with integrity
Could see through
Our mask
What a bad luck.///
The truth could be buried for a while but not for so long. Ethiopians and Eritreans together exposing
( Emperor Menilik II)

An enemy
That covets
Your land, your
Natural wealth
And your wife
Creating a strife
Stripping you of
Your liberty
And identity
Is all out
To mar your life!

This blatant aggression
Standing together
It is better we deter.

So, if intentionally
Or otherwise
On you, if
I might
Have posed
A grievance
To date,
I ask apology
Let us bury
The hatchet.

Among us,
An axe to grind
For a divisive wedge
An enemy cruel & wild
Must not find.

Thus, while
In full command
Of your health
If you fail
To march
To the front
I will take that
To the dignity of
Our sovereign nation
And me
An affront.

I swear to God
I swear to God
Up on return
There is
No restraint
My anger
My punitive
Measures against
Such malingers
Back to hold.

Of course,
We need
The prayer
Of the feeble
And the old,
The heavily-armed
Invading army
When we fight
Supper bold.

I assure you
By the grace
Of God
Victory for us
Is what
The future hold.

(The Chief of the provision wing)

Women of the nation
Pull your sleeves;
As provision
Dry food—
Roasted chickpeas
Roasted peas
Dry meat—
If you prepare
It will be good.
Also to boost
Immunity in
The original way
Prepare and ready
Garlic, red chili
And ginger
In a form of
A powder.

(The principal of transport)

Array pack animals
Provisions to transport
From every corner
Of the nation,
The palace
To the battlefront.
S/he who has
A horse or a mule
Must come along
With some hays
For its fuel.

(The master of musicians)

Take on board
Musical instrumentalists
Vocalists, who
War songs that chant
About victory
At hand not hesitant.

(Traditional Health Professionals)

Also take aboard
Women, herbalists
That will nurse
The wounded
Back into shape
Also the recuperating
To fight back
Who help.

(The logistic head)

Our resource gap to fill
While in the battle mill
We have to take along
Bullet swaggers
Ammunition repairers.
Utilizing such skill
Would allow us
With limited resource
More troops to ****.
This way
The cavalry
And infantry
Will fight
About logistic
With little worry.

(Menilik II)

Let us march
Let us march
To the place of
To write
Golden history
Like Golead & David
That has no match!

Let us be
A standard bearer
If united
Freedom fighters
Could a giant enemy
Like Goliad deter.

On my sword
I have engraved
Menilik’s power
Is Almighty God
So behold
Those who pick
Against the peaceful
A sword
Will perish by
The sword.

About colonization
As I earlier grabbed
The import
I had accessed
Enough arsenal
Via the port.
If divide & conquer
Is their aim
With Ethiopians’
Oneness &unity
I will foil
Their game
They will have
Themselves to blame.

In the meantime
King Aba Jifar
Taking over inland
Maladministration, disorder
Will bar
In such a way
Ethiopians’ chemistry
Will be heard
Wide and far.///
Prior to the battle of Adwa
A hatred fiend,
Playacting a votary
Of democracy and federalism
To a gluttonous end,
“Unless we grip
The rein of power
Driving a divisive wedge
Along religious and
Ethnic lines, also
Orchestrating terror
Every hour,
See to every evil
We shall
Till the wind of change
Blowing over the nation
Suffers reversal.”

“On the world-acclaimed
Change drive
We shall inflict
Every possible harm
So that flouted it runs
Out of charm!

Using a Facebook army
On par with Tsunami
We shall trigger
And foment conflicts
And make
This and that ethnic groups
Arch enemy.

Slaying toddlers,
Senior citizens
And women, with
The bun in the oven,
Shock we shall
Create often!”

"Also with
'We are victims' clamor
Seeking for a stalemate,
Global-pity a door
We intend to continue
A  victor.

To deflect attention
From a government-junta
To neighboring country’s town
Firing rockets far
Dragging it into war
We shall internationalize
The fight
Conveying our diabolic move
Is right!
Though unheard of in history
We shall splice
In unholy marriage
With any enemy
Of the country.
Also from its back
The national defense force,
Guarding the boundary
And us
Its forehead
In the crosshair mark,
We shall attack!
Though this makes us
Selfish, our ethnic
Groups we shall use
As a human shield
A daunting influence
On citizens-cherishing
Government to wield."////
(What the TPlF Junta is doing.The true picture of TPLF now being vanquished )
A crackdown on a junta outperforming Satan

The TPLF Junta that is using the peace-loving Tigrian people as a human shield to carry on its evil intent of wrecking down a nation had been milking the country’s economy dry, making citizens shed red tears and perpetrating atrocities of every brand.
While it was in power for over 27 years, with crocodile tears, the Junta was playacting a vanguard of the constitution. It was claiming a votary of the supremacy of law while in reality it was trampling on the constitution in a broad daylight and displaying a mockery of justice to the dismay of citizens.
As an elixir, the junta, which has got one leg in the grave, was using divide and rule as a tactic to make people see one another as preys and predators as well as oppressors and the oppressed. In so doing, it was planting deep the seed of mistrust among people. That is why extirpating the problem has proved demanding despite the nation’s time-old chemistry.
Also TPLF had labored ceaselessly to loosen national unity.
Under the smokescreen of a make-believe federalism, states’ wealth and natural resources were siphoned hardheartedly by finger-counted despots running the Front. During its heyday this junta never gave the slightest attention to the people of Tigray, who paid a lot to the unity and sovereignty of Ethiopia. It is now making a frantic bid to click with them to save its neck. It is dinning into their ears “because of your ethnic identity you are under siege and your life is under threat.”
Acting the wrong way it had practically underplayed the price Tigrian people played for the birth of democracy fighting against Dergue.
TPLF is a lecher junta which always aims at optimizing its political benefits at any cost. Here, it suffices to raise one issue. Once it did steal drought aid extended to people of Tigray , heavily hit by famine.
As pillage is its characteristic feature this lecher junta has pressed ahead with its thievery. As PM said, to stash away abroad the money it looted, it uses different ways of sending money.  Receiving remittance money from Ethiopians living abroad, here, it had been offering exorbitant price as it had already unduly amassed wealth. It as well let fly FOREX abroad.
Vexed by the larceny, atavism and human rights violation of this Junta Ethiopians had shrugged it off their shoulders as they have embraced the change drive the nation kick started with a forward-looking stance.
Though the crimes the Junta committed don’t let it go scot-free, it was given a chance for introspection and repentance. It was allowed time to mend its ways.
Though the government exercised patience taking into consideration the need for national peace and reconciliation, the heinous bent of the lecher’s junta couldn’t be exorcised from it.
Ever since the onset of the change marches, the junta has been busy at wrecking and destabilizing the nation as well as rendering the life of citizens miserable by the day.
In the statement it had been issuing the incumbent has made clear the invisible hand of TPLF is behind all atrocities being committed throughout the country.
Recently TPLF had attacked the Defense force out to maintain the territorial integrity and sovergeinity of the country.
In so doing TPLF officials have showcased their being traitors. This unheard of impish act has portrayed the lecher Junta spares no effort to meet its evil ends. In engaging in the diabolic attract of the national defense force, writing history with its blood , TPLF has passed the point of no return thereby spelling its own destruction. Attracting a defense force is tantamount to making the country vulnerable to foreign enemies.
Hammering out the antipathy deeply entrenched in the psyche of ethnic groups due to the evil bent of TPLF must be made a point.
Holding criminals culpable is a must do.
TPLF officials’ hands are smeared with the blood of the innocent and they still want to buy time to further spill blood.
Before checking the revolting track-record of the junta trying to broker peace between the sagacious government and this junta is fatuous. Therefore those made a dupe must abstain to ask a chance of negotiation for TPLF.
There are some that say the country is on the brink of destruction and civil war. This wrong mentality is one that emanates from not knowing Ethiopians who love their country and show chemistry in the face of adversity.
Tranquility will ensue when the crackdown on TPLF officials comes to end soon.//
Max Neumann Nov 2020
want a new addiction, want to fall victim
explain to me: why do dem females have similar names?
i was blacklisted and then i got promoted

all my poems were burned by me
and i destroyed all my novels, dramas and stories
blog entries, essays and term paperz...

and every time i closed my eyes, i stopped existing
the creature of the night, ******* of da city
fundamental, livin' under mental conditionz
chanukka and christmaz, gimme me three minutez:

imma be, stay and i'll have claimed my spot in it
no matter where ya at, anthony and antwone,
italo-africanz, meet dem boyz, cry, run, but die
no room for da shy, da law of the chosen few

8000 family memberz, nationwide and global
and don't they dare to fukk around -- we alwayz local
We act and we live worldwide. Watch my Swedish brotha Ecco2k:
"Egypt will blow up
The Grand Ethiopian
Renaissance Dam!
Ethiopia ,a symbol
of Pan Africanism,
Could forget
Its development map,
For Egypt will help
Carry on colonial legacy
In to the future,"
So  did
A verbal dosido
The ill-famed abuser.

"We dote on Egypt,
Terror sowing
In Ethiopia.
Ironically a terrorist
My self
I will strike out
Sudan from terrorist
If it sides Egypt
This is my edict!"
Trump’s Verbal D0-si-dos  

“Ethiopia is a country that navigated the tide of time with a firm belief on God the Almighty as well as the unity and perseverance of its people. Though some tried to dictate to it too much giving it too little it never relied on such quarters. It always relies on it children who are alacritous to see to its dictates scarifying their lives.
It is God the Almighty that created Ethiopia. And it is its children that built it. Because of the sacrifices its children made Ethiopia had made history that astounded the world. There were allies that stood by its side when it made such golden history.  On the contrary, there were others that stabbed it in the back. Ethiopia is no stranger to such unfolding.”
This is an excerpt from the statement released by the Prime Minister Office of Ethiopia concerning the unbefitting statement or verbal Do-si-dos president trump made on the GERD.
True, Ethiopia had been a lone runner in its fight for God-bestowed freedom and struggle for economic liberation. We very well know what the response we got upon lodging our complaint to the League of Nation when Italy, using banned poisonous gas, tried to occupy Ethiopia.
Ethiopia did try to make clear the blatant aggression was inimical not only to Ethiopia but also to the world at large.
In defending its sovereignty Ethiopia didn’t sit hands crossed for want of allies. It rather mounted a guerilla fight to dislodged occupants. Vesting hopes on God the Almighty, the greatest Judge, and cognizant that a justice cause at long last will triumph forefathers had shed their blood for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.
It must be known that Ethiopians never ever compromise their sovereignty. trump’s attempt to Twist Ethiopia’s arm with financial aid shows his ignorance about Ethiopia and world history.
As Ethiopia single handedly become a beacon of freedom to the world emerging triumphant on the battle of Adwa, nowadays fighting off the injustices on the use of the Blue Nile and actualizing the dam e Ethiopia in an equitable manner will once more turn out to be an emblem of economic deliverance based on self-reliance and faith in Almighty God.
Ethiopia has launched the GERD project pooling internal resources and using its own experts precluding donors who may pull strings by the virtue of their financial aid. Ethiopians exhibiting no difference along ethnic and religious lines are supporting the dam.
It is only for development and development only Ethiopia wants to use the river so as to break away from fettering poverty. Innumerable Ethiopian mothers carry firewood to prepare foods choking with smokes. They have many mouths to feed. Recent studies reveal that almost 67% percent Ethiopians lose their life every year owing to this reason. This sad episode takes place in Ethiopia famed for being the water tower of east Africa.
Based on the aforementioned fact any right-minded person will certainly pat on the back Ethiopia’s move to materialize hydropower Dam over Blue Nile.
trumph’s statement that the dam will holdback the water signifies his blind spot regarding hydropower dam. He should have reflected very recently Sudan and Egypt were inundated by flood .
In his statement “Egypt will blow up the dam!” he did not only attempt to disrespect Ethiopia’s sovereignty but also that of Egypt because he saw the latter as a remote control that can’t stand on its own feet.
His uncouth speech was also divorced from diplomatic norms and international water law. It also means lower riparian countries could blow up upper riparian countries’ hydropower dam say for instance Hover Dam. He did not realize that his speech could backfire. If the international water law is to be rewritten there must not be a preferential treatment.
The speech he made while an African solution is being sought for the dispute shows he had also infringed on the right of Africa.
Though his speech is  beingslammed from every corner let us wind up with two stunting comments one from an Economics professor(on ETV) and another from a small kid on u-tube(Ustaze Jemal Beshir) respectively.
“It is a pity that a great nation has a little (a mentally dwarf) leader!”
“Must Ethiopian mothers  be deprived of light and electricity? Such speech is unexpected of a grownup/”

The imbecile president that is a disgrace to America. Read the feedback from the link
Despite Blue-Nile
-lower-riparian countries' clamor
For possible dearth
Of water
So that GERD, condemned,
A reversal suffer
They are  now inundated
By the river.

Had GERD not been
Born to life
Imagine how their
Plight could be rife!

See how the stance of
So called a great leader
With a brain of a bird
Proved absurd.
Nature proved them wrong thx to God.
Read  my poem That wicked woman from a wicked man I wrote four years back
We are afraid
As we give you aid
We have the liberty
To maneuver your head
To the extent your are
Deprived a go ahead
To tend
Your  self-development
And self -reliance

"When money speaks
the truth is silent"
If you want to continue
Our client
Remember you're macilent
So  try not to be violent
Fighting back  with" Though
I'm poor I 'm somebody!"
'Cause, snobbish, we may prefer
This budy from that budy.
Don't be naughty
There is nothing
As such inviolable

A budy
That does not
Help  better optimize
Our advantage
Shoddy, could not
Come to the same page.

Note also
We could pull strings
And  to loan givers tell
"When we speak
Wag  your tail!"
To Trump and World Bank///

Pat Ethiopia on the back than stab it in the back

Intolerant of a crushing poverty that bound Ethiopia hand and foot,   the country is dead set on escaping the daunting scenarios its citizens across generations had suffered. Members of this generation too have known the brunt all their lives. Population boom has been exacerbating the problem.
Despite the bounty and plenty the country boasts, for aeon, it was forced to go through the throes of poverty perplexed by its inaction.
The calamity of inclement weather such as droughts and subsequent shortages of food had been souring the country’s fate.
To add an insult to injury, Ethiopia could not get its economy off the ground rocked by internal turmoil that went on unabated fueled by struggle for power and also disturbed by the proxy wars and revolutions exported by those who want to emasculate the country depriving it the power to use its resources like its trans-boundary rivers.
Hence it was coerced to heavily lean on foreign aids, which resulted in dependency syndrome. As such, in molding its fate the country had no option than remain locked in the doldrums of inaction. True to the wisdom-packed saying “Give a man a fish you feed him a day. But teach him how to fish you will feed him the rest of his life!” it was this point international donors were laboring to ram home in lecturing Ethiopia and others. Ethiopia’s developmental ****** to feed itself and illumine the region is in consonance with this silver bullet.
But making 180 degree turn and contravening the aforementioned ideal more often than not they uphold, hypocrites in this set are forcing Ethiopia to compromise its national interest and brush aside its developmental drive simply to cheer up their pet country, depressed out of jealousy as Ethiopia is outstripping it in geopolitical importance. Hypocrites want to support those who sow the seed of terror abroad spoiling fifth columnists in Ethiopia, envisioning socioeconomic take off beyond its perimeter.
“When money speaks the truth remains silent!” runs the adage. That is to say the pauper and the feeble turn vulnerable, when the affluent wield power. This does not work for Ethiopia that never ever compromise its sovereignty even in the face of war inferno.
It is cogent that an enemy of your friend or your handyman is your enemy. With this mentality white supremacist that spare no effort to optimize their advantage are seen trying to twist Ethiopia’s arm “We could underwrite developmental aid to you if and only if you show alacrity to what we blindly dictate to you. There is no room for taking what we say with a grain of salt. If you fall out with our pet country a punitive measure expects you.”
Hypocrites and their pet country also leave no stone unturned to lure the rational minded countries to their side so that they fall out with Ethiopia. The pendulous behavior of the riparian and neighbor country, which was a votary of the truth up to recent times, testifies this disposition.
International donor organizations to which hypocrites attached their apron strings are revoltingly echoing the stance of hypocrites creating pretexts not giving a second thought to the fact that their action could be weighed by the global community as a double standard. Such tail wagging goes a long way in eroding international trust. Here, it is no wonder if one alludes to the true farce of Barban and Jesus. Hang the votary of regional growth and release the exporter of terrorism is the modern version of it.
Such a subtle attack is unfair and unjust. Besides, the donations of hypocrites were meant for mutual objective—maintaining peace in a strategic area of global importance. As such, the negative impact could not be seen as a unilateral one. Where is the picture perfect love of hypocrites to democracy?
GERD is  Ethiopia’s  flagship project that is reminiscent of the victory of Adwa that threw into shambles white supremacy and showcased colored people could square up to any challenge. Is it because of this,  for want of due protection, we are witnessing attacks on our flag in Europe in sharp contrast to the etiquettes of international diplomacy? Crime by omission is no less than crime by commission! The international community must heed this as put it emperor Hailesellasie before League of nations “today it is our turn tomorrow it is yours!”
Averse to the trend international donors wait on Ethiopia hand and foot, the country is harnessing its resources to its and regional benefits. In so doing, generating electricity it is garnering foreign currency. Extrapolation shows that if it presses ahead with this noble task the country could beef up its muscles to the extent of seeing developmental aid as something it could manage without.
Ironic as it may sound, lately the lower riparian countries are inundated by the water of Blue Nile though they were crying foul the first phase of the filling and subsequent filling of the dam could cause a dearth of water in their lands. As a kid cowers imagining a bogeyman, lower riparian countries must not shudder imagining unscientific and farfetched things. Besides their heart tells them Ethiopia is marked for considerateness to others.
Let it be known Ethiopia is not a pushover. It is a standard-bearer of bootstrapping. In cognizance of this fact the rational need to pat it on the back than stab it in the back.  //
A poetic drama (One Scene)

( Egypt’s parliamentary farce)

(The spokesperson on the presidium strikes the table with a wooden hammer and asks for order. Participants become quiet.
Raise your hands and reflect your views on today’s point of argument— The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD ) on Blue Nile. Various people representatives raise hands,
The spokesman says let us start with Mr. Hydrologist over there.)

Egypt’s globally
Topmost voluminous
Reserve of water
We could use later.
So via our media outlets
It is better
We dupe
The global community with
Much-touted chatter
“To Egyptians
Demand of water
To cater
Blue Nile is
A life and
Death matter!
As thicker than blood
Is water! ”

Of course,
From the Mediterranean
Or Red Sea
We could extract, desalinate
And use water,
But why should
We talk about that?
We better
Ask on Blue Nile
A farfetched exclusive right.

Though hydropower dam
Has no significant harm
We shall flout it
In a way it runs
Out of charm.
As  the Nobel peace winner
Premier  Abiy Ahmed put it
"Almost all Egyptians
Enjoy the supply of electricity,
While over half of Ethiopians
Are thirsty of such necessity.

Tragically, to date
Using a lamp
Covers most of Ethiopia's map.

For the rational,
It is a source of worry
Innumerable Ethiopian mothers
Still on their backs carry
Backbreaking firewood
So that go to school
Their children could.
What we say
Is if you  are remiss to help
don't stand on our way
While we're flapping wings
From fettering poverty
To break away!"

Also via a conduit
Diverting Blue Nile
Across the Sahara desert
A financial return
Egypt could get
That delights its heart.
The water from
Upstream countries
We do not buy
But paradoxically sell it
We shouldn’t why?

Like Israel
Using drip irrigation
Must not
Draw our attention.
We shall be extravagant
For Blue Nile’s water
Is abundant.
Unchecked lavishly
It must flow!
Pertaining to that
We have to remain adamant.

Also, the
Silt accumulation
In Aswan dam
Could be disastrous
The outcome,
Yet we have
To cry foul
This challenge-averting
GERD must not soon
Generate region-
much-needed power!

Though it is 50 % of the
Annual trans boundary
Water outflow
Other water-generating countries
Are willing to let go
Unwilling anything below,
Kind Ethiopia ventures
Holding only 13% of
The yearly flow to follow,
However, ingratitude
Must feature our attitude.
This may
Provoke a  dismay
But attention
We shall not pay.

(A tumultuous applause shook the parliament. Once more the spokesman asks for order. Then he invites a former diplomat saying “ it is your turn.”)

Once, by famine hit
When Ethiopia   asked
“Help me not why?”,
While others extended help,
Mocking, we did turn
A blind eye.

As our former bent
Whenever Ethiopia
Seeks  grant
From international
Development Institutions
On grounds of
Fighting poverty and drought,
Greasing palms  
We shall bring
Ethiopia’s plans to harness
Blue Nile to naught!
Use we shall
Many a phony diplomat
With a tongue of honey
And a heart of gall.

Tact we do not lack
So cautiously,
Our sanctimonious mask
Our targets
May not hack,
All out
We shall engage in
Self-selling talk!

From all things that fall
In the technical matrices
We shall make a sham politics.

(He sits enjoying a standing ovation. The spokesman invites a representative with a military background.)

We shall blow our
Trumpet in the air
“In lieu of
The reasonable 3 years,
From 4 to 6 years
To fill the dam
If Ethiopians dare,
War on it
We shall declare!
Barefacedly claiming
Fifteen to 20 years
Is what is fair!

In such infeasible way
Before it sees the day’s light
GERD will suffer blight.”

(He hiccups and continues)

“With a bellicose bent
To remind ourselves
Deliberately we shall fail
So many times Ethiopia
Chased out every
Egypt’s invading army
Between its legs
Shoveled its tail.
(Ex. Isma'il Pasha/ 1874 –1876
Gundet &Gura March 7–9, 1876)
But why should we care
Arsenal support
Hypocrites, who want to exploit
In the Middle East
Egypt’s political purport,
Will bring to our port.
The current catchphrase
"I can't breathe"
Demonstrates hypocrites'
Justice has no teeth!

We shall
Continue to brag
About GERD’s full actualization
Foot to drag.
I’m afraid
If we strike GERD,
On Aswan dam
Ethiopia will certainly inflict
A similar harm.
Its infantry
Acid-tested hero
Within finger-counted days
Will march into Cairo.

Its top official or
One from its mob
Cold blow up in Egypt a bomb.

We have to understand
As its former PM
Meles put it
“It is not
Its football squad
Ethiopia will deploy
On the terrain rough
When the going
Gets tough!”

We shouldn't worry
We have no history
Of battle front victory.
Poking our nose here and there
(Sudan, Somalia, Yemen,
Libiya, Palestine, Israel)
We shall make political trouble
As we are averse to self
-politics burgeoning dabble.

(He sat after enjoying a heartwarming laughter from the audience. The spokesman himself could not help unzipping his lips and invites a hoary headed historian.)

Subjects of colonization
It is our
Historic right
For the hanging-over
Mentality of predators
To fight
“Gobbling down
All resources
Is our right!”
We shall espouse
Unjust and inequitable deal
“Ethiopia fairly
GERD must not fill!”
We must gamble
Regarding the water division
There has to be a deal
That serves our colonial
Legacy a sign and seal.

There is nothing we hate
Than the following sentiment
Pan Africanists activate.
"We have to get
Behind our back
Days dark!"

(He sits accompanied by an affirmative nods. The spokesman invited Miss Environmentalist "it is your turn." "Thank you for the opportunity,"  she said and  standing she scanned the congregants
before speaking)

In parrying evaporation
GRERD being built in a gorge
Than Aswan Dam
In the desert
Draws better attention.
Though logical,
This we do not wish to hear
So we shall turn a deaf ear
“Your nuisance
We no longer bear!”

Of course
To avoid siltation
Also to ensure
The continuous flow of water
Towards Green development
Ethiopia is making an unprecedented &
Unflagging movement.

Yes , Yes
Green development
Draws rain
Though that is
To our gain
From expressing
Appreciation to
Ethiopia’s timely move
We shall refrain.

From the voice of
Sagacious leaders of
It is better
To heed a hypocrite
From America;
That could not be a shame
In the political game.

(She takes a seat enjoying a high five. The spokesman invites a parliamentarian who is a member of the Arab league.)

As Sudan poses
A rational gait
Its voice has weight.
Our sugar-coated talk
It may not buy
Hence, the fuel-intoxicated
Gluttonous Arab League
Its voice
Needs to raise high.
White supremacists
Must try hard
To sweet talk Sudan
To our side.
Creating political heat
In to two its people
We have to split
To unseat
Its incumbent president
Popular support that ride.
This  insidious tide
From Sudanese mob
We have to hide!

We have a toy League
That doesn’t ask itself
“ Why
War-fleeing Arabs ,
Shunned by Arabs,
Seek a safe haven
Under Ethiopia’s sky?
Why  of all
In Prophet Mohammed's eyes
Ethiopia stands tall?”
That no one could deny
But we must
Neither wonder  nor ponder
For own advantage
That commit  
Political suicide
Could not
Stand by
The reasonable
Ones’ side?”

Creating this and  
That pretext
We shall derail
The all-out task
To bring GERD’s to end,
At long last
To make it
As good as dead.

Why should we care?
If Ethiopia or the region is
Thirsty of hydropower
In so far as
Our conceited
Pride remains
In glory tower.

Moreover if soured
Pushed to the end or angry
Reflect  we must not
Ethiopians could tame
Its this or that tributary.

(When a wealthy merchant raised his hand the spokesman gave him a green light to speak.)

Pampering with money
Fifth columnists cruel
Let us keep on using
In Ethiopia
As runs the adage
Divide and rule,
Along ethnic
And religious lines
To  drive a wedge
So that Ethiopians will not
Come to the same page,
While turmoil in their country
Opts to rage.

We could ignore the fact
Ethiopians soon display
Unity and solidarity
When threatened gets
Nation’s  sovereignty.
In Ethio-Somali war
Ethiopians Karamara’s Victory
Talks loud such history.

I'm afraid
Our  divisive action could
Bring together Ethiopians,
Be it on left or right end,
Their sovereignty to defend.

Robbed of
Their alluvial soil
By a prodigal river
Ethiopia’s  farmers
Undergo a hard toil
If we are asked for that
Compensation to pay
We  have  to say.

Note that
Using industrialization
Like Japan
Develop we can
Than irrigating  
A- scorching-sun
-smoldered land
Full of sand.

As the  jealously insane
What should worry Egypt
Must not  be what  it could lose
But  Ethiopia gain.
What I fear
In the diplomatic arena
With GERD Ethiopia
Will come forth
Shifting gear.
When Ethiopians' development
Proceeds apace
Ethiopia could Egypt displace.
So on its development
We  have to pose a roadblock
Or a spoke.

(This much  farce is enough for today .Parliament is dismissed says the spokesman.)////////
Science-based approach visa-vis politics- based approach. Colonial legacy has no room in the 21th century
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