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Em MacKenzie Feb 2020
I once believed myself alone
because the world did not know me.
I now know I am alone
because I know the world.
Q Mar 2017
Her mind's a beautiful mess
Bundles of nerves pathways of stress
Neuronic implosions she's got no rest
You find her strange like she's compressed
Ready to blow if she hits a crest
So you slice her open run some tests
Find her crazy as expected unless
She's actually unbelievably blessed
With the capacity to think and process
Beyond all the pomp and dress
And elevate herself with finesse
Above that which is meaningless
Is for
Neural Wellbeing
Of the
Human World.
Gigi Tiji Oct 2014
v e i n s   s p l i t
d  e  n  d  r  i  t  i  c  a  l  l  y
hands open into
lineal branches inside
flowing animal waterways
carry Life to further
reaches of time
Evolution, or
how us silly animals have continued life on this crazy rock hurtling through space at a bajillion lightyears per shutting eyelid,
is quite an intense,
one big happy family tree.  
Like veins, our **** times carry life
along the river Present.
We're frisky little blood cells,
but eventually we run outta oxygen.
So we swoop around the sun
like a shooting star around a heart and
return to the Source to get filled up again.

— The End —