We are what our parents' parents
taught them to fear.
The atom of liberated thought,
the shallow, the queer, the lazy.
We are what our fathers were not,
or what they never had the balls to be.
We are united by the hypothesis
of instant pleasure.
We are measured by dollar signs,
nickels, dimes, roaring down
Penny Lane blaring hip-hop,
dropping the surnames and
blaming the slave trade for
the stains on our rap sheets.
We are what comes after the comma
in the history book sentence,
sentenced to life in mind-drug prison.
We are going nowhere but forward.
We are the generation of disorder,
hoarders of unrealized potentials
who cross borders
just to say we did so.
We are the flame of fucking science
turning your bibles into embers.
We are the generation that
remembers to forget.
Let us take an inch and we will
turn it into a mile so you can
watch us march down it single-file
while you pray to god we don't
make it to Capitol Hill.
You know we will.
We are the generation.
Liberal Slogans are posted on the walls
And on T-Shirts for sale
Here at Parsley.
It's a lot to think about,
But I can't see
That any real attempt at Community Building
Is being made?
As far as I'm concerned,
These cliquish Liberals
Really laid down the red carpet
For President Donald Trump
To enter the White House.
I never could figure out why
Parsley has all these Liberal Slogans on the walls
If no one here openly discusses their meaning?
Wouldn't it be more creative and thought provoking
To put Nazi and Stalinist Slogans on the Walls?
I think this is how Kim Jong-un of North Korea
Became confident enough
To perform an international charm offensive.
His creativity was never constrained
By the need to be
Politically correct.
"No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell."
-------Carl Jung
What are they?
                        For I just don't know.

Television, radio, papers...
                                 do you suppose they'll tell you?

They do not.
                 I wonder why?

Today the government,
             -then took these steps to,
                     -in defense of your rights for
                                          -and a common good.

Run by Liberals,
                trying to make everyone gay.

Elitists seeking children,
                          to indoctrinate, to ruin, to have sex with.

They hate everything,
                    everyone, love stealing, regulating your every move.

We know now,
                    that Russia was involved in some way,

That, Donald Trump has, in fact, ties to Russia,
                                       the scope of which we are yet to determine.

Republicans always do this,
                         obstruct, obfuscate, oligarchy...just awful humans.


Did you know,
                -that The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
                                  -will help repair your credit for you?
                                                   -that government *WANTS
to help?

fluttering, fluttering...
fluttering, fluttering...
fluttering, fluttering...


                                         HU COCK ITCH!

                             *fluttering, fluttering...
Brent Kincaid Dec 2017
The Congressional wag GOPs
Spend most of their time on their knees
Their favorite repast
Is the kissing of ass
Just like the whores in DC.

Republicans surrendered their shame
They just call it by some other name.
They see their sad schism
As patriotism
And point to Obama to blame.

The Senator from Old Virginia
Just loves shoving it in ya.
At every election
Bigots bow to his erection
And let that Old Turtle come skin ya.

Republicans are making it clear
As we come to the end of this year
Their regime is a mess
But they couldn’t care less
They screw us with no trace of fear.

The guy now on top is a fake
GOP worked overtime to make.
The cheating and lies
Support the unwise
And hide all the money they take.

Our leadership now is misnamed.
Ignoring the people is their game.
They go golf a few rounds
And throw us to the hounds
Then set the Constitution aflame.
I don't want to see your
Any more.
I don't want to eat your
I am not interested
In your phony
I don't want to look at
The Hot Chicks
That eat at your cafe.
I don't want to waste my time
Trying to cultivate a relationship
With someone
Who is too
Full of himself.
Megan Sep 2017
We are the kids
Who want to feel alive
We want to feel liberated and beautiful and young.
We are the sad youth.
Of cutting
And anti-depressants
Praying for some one to save us
From ourselves,
When our minds are dark
And we are alone.
We are the wild youth.
Of late nights
And city lights
With our lungs filled with smoke
And adrenaline pumping through our veins.
We are the lonely youth.
Where no one knows our thoughts
And no one understands
But God, how we wish they would.
We are the hipster indie youth.
We don't do it for the aesthetic
Because this is who we are
We live our lives in black white
And sometimes, someone beautiful
Adds in the most vibrant color.
We are the wandering youth.
Searching, exploring, running, grasping
At whatever we can
That make us see
There is hope
And wonder
And brilliance in the world.
We are the youth of today
We are different
But we are human.
We are the youth.
And even if our youth is fading,
The memories we made aren't.
I hope that when you read this, you remember moments that made you feel sad, happy, in love and alive. I really hope you do.
eli-espiol Sep 2017
Fuck this system, I ain't with it
I'm tired of always submitting
To what you say, I don't know I'll admit to it
I'll go against the people and be a misfit
To this messed up system, what a hypocrite
America is, "the president" is clearly unfit
What a freaking nitwit
I'm willing to outwit
this shitty system, misfit I'll be
Watch me; I'll get the innocent acquitted
And the immoral readmitted
G Rog Rogers Sep 2017
If you are not a liberal
when you are young
You have no heart

But as you grow older
if you are not a conservative
You have no brains.

Somewhere there is a place
for compassionate conservatives
That is where I stand.


Reaching as far as my hands can possible stretch

In both directions.

mark john junor Jul 2017
the words of treason he shouted is what
put the stock of a rifle to my shoulder
take aim now that the patriots are traitors
never thought it would ever come to this in my lifetime
there's a man on the road with a rebel flag
yelling that his treason is patriotic
he is gonna take my life for some russian profit in his pocket
he is gonna take my America for somebody else's taxes

Remember growing up the thought that my generation trusted
this land be free
"this land is your land, this land is my land"*
never said nothing bout had to be black or white
never said had to be praying to another man's God
they have come knocking upon my door
tell me my words are not the lies they are selling
and I better get in line or they gonna take me away
get right in my head evil men are the gods Americka dreams of
that our children will live in darkness and hunger
for some russians profit in your pocket

just an hour from Reno stopped by the roadside
watched the sun set on the edge of the desert
and hoped my America would still be here when i awoke
this never should have happened
never saw it comin
never thought America could fall
let alone to have a president be the
one who fires the first shot
I see a rebel on the road
words of treason spilling from his bible
a used car salesman spinning a tall tale
and the fools who cheered him on
wipe that stupid grin off his face if I could
I see a rebel on the road
yelling his treason is patriotic
come to take away my America
come to take my life for some rich thief's taxes

Remember growing up the thought that my generation trusted
remember what my country was built on honor integrity truth
now that's all been sold for pennies on the dollar
so some rich slob can feed off what used to be
a place that the world envied
a place people dreamed of
now the patriots are traitors
now Amerika burns
now Americans die
for some russians profit in your pocket
*reference: Quote from Woody Guthrie "This land is your land" Circa 1940
Joshua Haines May 2017

We are at the scene, now;
an awesome showing of
                    brute force.
What some are calling the
greatest moment in U.S.
and, some, "An example
of jingoistic propaganda
masquerading as self-

Whatever it is, Tom,
one thing is certain:
we will be here,
covering every second
of this gigantic American

"And we thank you for your fine
reporting, Lisa. Boy, I tell you,
the President is making a huge
mistake with this act."

You have got that right, Tom.
We, as Americans, cannot
allow this to happen. We have
to ask these people if they want
this to happen -- and, then, we
need to enforce, what we consider
progressive and better for their
well-being, to them. These people
are like lost puppies, Tom.
It is our responsibility to make sure
that they do not respect their religion,
their culture, or prehistoric way of life
they have become accustomed to.
If we ignore the issue, of their
third-world existence and third-world
values, then we will have lost as
human beings; and the United States
cannot lose whenever it comes to this.

"Lisa, bathe me in your words,
because nothing has ever felt so
clean and right. You're absolutely,
100% correct: we need to guide
these poor, helpless people and
show them what is right, when
it comes to culture, identity,
among other things."

Agreed, Tom. And thank you.
To make things simple for
the viewer at home, you wouldn't
buy a puppy and expect it to
poop anywhere it wanted?
You have to show it where to poop.
Heck, you have to show it what to
eat, so the poop can be a good poop.
To sum things up, these people have
been pooping incorrectly, for a long time,
and it is our responsibility to show them
the poop inside of us, and how we aren't
going to mix with them, but, instead,
show them how they can get a nice,
firm piece of shit that we all but
take for granted.

"Couldn't agree more, Lisa.
It is our duty, as Americans,
to help these people who have
been de-humanized, and show
them how to handle this and
the world, especially during
a time like this for them.
And let us not forget,
this is their moment."


Hello folks, and welcome
to the Heat Zone; a place
where snowflakes melt
and where liberals sweat.
I, of course, am your man,
Mad Mike O'Leary and
boy, do we have some
serious stuff to talk about.

Our fabulous leader,
whom we shall respect,
has made our nation great,
as 195 countries --
excluding our's, of course --
citizens now have American flags
drilled into their skulls.
As an act of kindness,  
Our fabulous leader,
has given each of these citizens
the choice of keeping or removing
the flags. Of course, if one were
to try to remove the flag,
a tiny explosive would detonate,
as one can never be too sure
if a citizen would use the flag
as a weapon -- and, of course,
there is no promise that the flag
wouldn't touch the ground,
so Our fabulous leader explained
that flag burning would be an
acceptable method of removing the
flag from this plane of existence.

Here, today, we have political pundit --
or political genius; you decide --
Ryan Tomlinson to discuss this radical
new way of life, we unfortunately have
to endure. Ryan, what are your thoughts
on the controversial method of discarding
the flag: a symbol of our strength, love,
                                          and freedom?

"Well, I'll tell you Mike: you think you're
the mad one, you should ask my wife
about my reaction when I learned about
this atrocious tiny explosive destroying --
yes, destroying -- our great and mighty flag!"

Haha, is that right, Ryan? I bet Nancy got
the Rowdy Ryan I've met on Nickle Shot Night.
What were her thoughts on your reaction --
better, yet, what was your reaction, Ryan?

"Well, I can't tell you exactly how she
reacted to my reaction, because I wasn't
really listening. But, I tell you, ever since
He Who Shall Not Be Named left the office,
Our fabulous leader has had to adopt some of
his wild and, frankly, immoral methods --
which would include the burning of our flag."

You got that right, Ryan. It reminds me of
when my oldest left for college, leaving behind
some beers that little Matthew ended up drinking.
My point is,  He Who Shall Not Be Named
has left some stains that still need to be cleaned up,
but I am confident that Our fabulous leader will
scrub those right up; if Matthew can do it, so can he.
To move on, here's an issue I have
that no one is really talking about, Ryan:
Not only are you detonating this flag -- a
flag that millions of men, God Bless Them,
have fought and died for -- but you're also
covering this symbol of freedom in the
blood and gore and scalp and guts of
these dangerous people who would love
nothing more than to see our symbol destroyed.

"You hit the nail right on the head, Mike!
These people don't understand what it is
like to be an American; to deal with their
oppression and policing of our values.
They already have succeeded in dividing us
when it comes to this whole flag removal
method. You can't reason with these, people.
You can try to offer them a Benjamin;
you can try to give them tickets to Transformers,
but these people will never respect us or our
way of life. And these liberals are right behind them!
I'm not sure what the liberals plans are, right now,
but you can be sure they'll use this whole flag thing
to exploit something. Hell, they're already talking
about how we should teach these people to poop --
what if they get to them, first, and teach them to
poop on the GD flag?! The liberals are helping divide us!
That's what they do!"

You are so, so right, Ryan. This country is full of
the wrong poop; and is going down the toilet.
Well, unfortunately,
we have to go to commercial, but you can bet
your keister that we'll continue this important
discussion that involves your liberty,
your job, and your soldiers.
Mad Mike in the Morning, with special guest,
Ryan Tomlinson -- be right back.
Don't go away.
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