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Why does poetry have to be shallow?
We will look for another planet soon enough
From ridge to valley, pastures facing the constant plough
Soon the California fires will be put out by the dying hours

We will change up the entire planet
From country to country, and we will barely recognize Brooklyn
Under the stars or the sun as none will be seen in oblivion
And humans would dream big, doing little to change things

We could take the signs as they are
But, the diplomacy-the international dream- runs so deep!
Are we trying to scheme ourselves out of the consequence
By ignoring the battle we have at hand, claiming false innocence

Are we calling an impending doom with our actions?
Does the eternal river of Styx turn green in the next century
Or do we continue to choose between Scylla and Charybdis
Making the wrong choices, ashamed of our previous decisions
A poem on climate change.
Matthew Sep 2021
Republicans go mask off
because they are anti mask
and all the homophobia, sexism, and racism
is spread because of
a viral video.
Get your Vaccine kids.
Gerard M Jul 2021
It doesn't mean freedom to all Americans

The ones who land was stolen from them
The ones that were slaves
The ones who experienced Manzanar
The ones whose refugees seeking freedom
The ones part of the LGBTQIA+ community

It only means freedom to people whos white

The ones whose a republican or conservative
The ones whose racist to non white people
The ones whose homophobic and transphobic
The ones whose anti LGBTQIA+

That's What The Fourth Of July Means
Varsha K May 2020
The more I grow old,
My empathy grows bigger.

The more I understand,
My feelings become liberal.
undermyfeet May 2020
My head is in the clouds
Too high to be measured with numbers

Words, swimming and floating
inside my mind my breath

Let me go
for, you cannot ground me at all
Aditya Gautam Jan 2020
When the centuries begin
to cycle back
and jingoism rings
through the streets,
when the civilized veneer falls
and false saints rise to power,
do not despair, dear human,
do not think you are alone,
remember, know in your heart that
art will save us.

In a world full of sheep
as we fight back to back,
against impossible odds,
against numberless hordes,
do not despair, because,
through the blackest of filth
sunshine will still reach us,
art will save us.

When we have no more strength left,
when of reason we are all but bereft,
a strand of music will float over to us:
a poem, a prayer, a battle-song,
a peaceful landscape will come to mind,
a childhood home,
a summer house,
a lazy road outside the public library,
it will all come to us like a memory, and
art will save us
If, however, we are parted
by fate or foe
and you are caught alone
in the swarm of flies,
where every mouth that speaks to you
is nothing but a bowl of lies,
when they tell you
that liberty is now ended,
and freedom is forever lost,
do not believe them, my friend,
do not despair, remember:
art will save us.

When the old war begins anew,
and us men of peace,
go to war,
as we bleed
through noble wounds,
as religion’s sword
comes down upon us,
and even as we are forced
down upon our knees,
do not despair, beloved sentient beings,
because always,
art will save us.

Remember, you are not alone.

Though they may be few,
and far between,
there are humans in the world yet,
there are free lands yet,
and women,
who will die before liberty does,
and painters,
who will never let the rot fester,
and neither you,
nor us,
are undefended, because always, without fail,
I swear to you upon my soul,
it will come to our aid,
it will rescue us
and those who come after us,
art will save us.
Owen Carter Jan 2019
Blue skies and apple pies
Football games and guns to aim
40 hours of work and fireworks
Heteronormativity and conformity
White tranquility in the midst of police brutality
White terrorism claiming nationalism
What is the American Dream?
Shutdowns and cages and riches for ages
Fascism raises from hateful rampages
Families taken away from their own
These are a few of Trump's favorite things.
What is the American dream?
A flag always at half-mast
In preparation for the next mass shooting
Killing the poor with a minimum wage
That can't even afford rent
Mocking the people we stole this land from.
America the land of the free
Construct of the patriarchy
Thousands of dollars in medical bills
Treating our oceans like landfills.
Oh say can you see by the dawn's early light
A country so broken the end is in sight.
Capitalistic ideals that possess the rich
Destroying the poor as we're thrown in a ditch
Together we must rise above
And show Trump's cult what we're made of.
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