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M Eastman Aug 2015
Dusty you pick it up
but it's been too long
and the chords feel strange
and the sounds not right
so you
fuddle with
pegs a bit
and is
still not quote right
so twist them harder
until they
Snap and piercing
note vibration worth it's
Snapping blessed bleeding
fingers to play
cracking oak in
oiled frame ashamed
shamed smashed against
the doorways of discordant sea
that's better
Bijan Nowain May 2015
Upon my shoulder, place your head
The road is tough and can be full of dread
Don’t dwell on things cause life is short
Turn to your family, friends for support

Be careful, life could also be long
If the decisions we make are wrong
Stand your ground, test your strength
Keep your troubles at arm’s length

Take a breath and close the curtain
Life and future are uncertain
No matter how it turns out to be
There’s always you and me
Matthew Randell May 2015
When describing Iliad I was told
That a poem 26 books long
Could no longer be referred to
As a poem
It was a story a
novel I was told
That a poem is not a poem
That a poem is dependent on length

But this is not true
Adelina Marie Sep 2014
i want to be with someone for so
long that it takes me
a few seconds to recall
how many years it has been.
not because i'm forgetful, but
because it has been
*that long
I saw a couple today in the doctor's office and someone asked them how long they had been together. It took her a few seconds but she said "66 years", and I thought that was beautiful.
Kacie Apr 2014
Anticipation drips down my body. It follows the curve of my back and dribbles down my spine. I stare out the window but i’m not really looking at anything. I breathe slowly, timing each breath with the hum of the radiator. I don’t know what I am waiting for; I know you’ll never come back. Yet still my heart aches to hear the doorknob jiggle. It never does. I sit, loathing in a sea of disappointment. I regain focus and stare out the window again. I suppose that I'm looking for any signs of you: your car, the mailman, maybe even the slightest chance that I could find your footprints in the snow and follow them to where you are. Look, now I’ve gone crazy. Except, I already am crazy. I even have a doctor to prove that. But when you are near, I don’t feel so bad. When you are here, I want to be better.

I don’t know where you are but you’ve been gone for days. I stand up and pace the apartment. My eyes scan the room for signs of you. Your existence is minimal. Who knows if you even existed? I’ve been known to make things up in my mind. Is that why you left? You promised me that you would always be here. Did it get too hard for you to stay? I tried my best to make it easier. Maybe if I try harder, you’d come back…

I walk to the counter and reach for the tiny, translucent bottle. One pill. Not good enough. Two pills. Maybe. Three pills. I don’t feel anything. Two more just to be sure. Soon enough the whole bottle is gone and I lay on the floor. I cannot feel my own body. The world is spinning. You are still not here. I shut my eyes.

— The End —