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Ovi-Odiete Aug 2016

                  Of sentiments
            Should be
                   Dark as the Night
                Clear as the day,

            Should speak
        Not seek attention
             Should be
           Bright as the culminating cloud
           Dark as the emanating nights

        Poem should not seek, but speak
Should be
              Free as the Moon moves the earth
           Poem should
         Free, but not stale
     Should be
            True, but not forced
A Poem
       Should not seek,
          But speak
    Vast as Rainfall
And yet
       Calm as Dew falls

Could be
But mean no harm,
Could be hateful,
          But mean no hate
      Be bright as SUNSHINE,
Should be
           Vast as Rainfall,
         Calm as Dew falls
A Poem
     Should not seek attention
     Speak attention!!

Should be
        Vast as

A Little insight of how a poem should be
Just some views mended as a poem
Should be vast ad rainfall!!
Ovi-Odiete Jul 2016


She walks around
Carrying with her
Pairs of agony
Anguish and misery
That taunts and stalks the very
Essence of her existence
With her are loneliness and a sad
Air of darkness
That continually fights and bites her
Still she dreams of helpers of destinies
That will surface someday to save her from herself
But none ever came to rescue her
She wished for a friend
Someone who would understand her
Someone who would read her eyes
Who would smile at her
And appreciate her

She dreams too
She longs too
She waited for you
She yearned for you
All she wanted was a smile
A smile from you
To reassure her
Of her lost dreams
Of the worlds she could not reach
And the years she lost
But you were quite busy
Surfing and aiming at the sky
Yet you could not
Hear the voice of her silence
Calling and longing for you
Wishing you were there to save her from the callous wind that blew out her soul

And so after waiting for a light to shine on her
After wishing the darkness would give way
After praying for angels to touch her
After the nights of terror
Swimming in the sea of sorrow
The ocean of confusion
The river of misery
Where the waves strangled and manacled her
Where evil fell on her
By the dark
Where sadness engulfed her soul
Where misery held her hands
And pain covered her mouth
As she screamed
Screaming in her tears
Where fear subdued her
And darkness began
Eating her
Swallowing her glory
Stealing her soul
From her very existence
Where no one could see her anymore
As she faded
Fading slowly
Slowly with the night
As she faded to the world of the forgotten ones
And there she laid
Lifeless, breathless
As you strolled pass her grave side
At night
You read


Her screams re echoes through
The depths of the night
As you walk away
Who she really was


Ovi Odiete©*

This is the first of my TRAGEDY series of poems

It aims to express the depth of pain and unbearable anguish some people have to face

AVANA is my imaginary character that longed to be loved
Liked and appreciated
She waited for a savior
But so sadly she died alone
In the deep night
Ovi Odiete © 2016
Ovi-Odiete Jul 2016
And all will be, will be
The earth
The Land
The Sea; the Sea
The Waves,
The Tides
The Wind; the Wind
The Years, the months
The Days; the Days

And all will be, will be
His works,
His fate, his fate
And all his wealth
And all the beauty
Garnered with sweat
Will fade, like days

And all will be, will be
The Stars,
The Sun,
The Moon; the Moon
And all the clouds
Will fade: will fade
And Man will die
Someday, someday
And then he turns to dust; to dust

Ovi Odiete © 2016
I was inspired by the Musician Enya's song THE HUMMING
Which begins like this
And all the light will be will be
And all the future prophecies
Ovi-Odiete Jul 2016
Bewildered and haunted through flashes of memories that relive themselves
I sit and ponder and look into the sky
there is no pain greater than been lost in SELF
battling with a STRONG shadow called SADNESS
she stalks and haunts and bring you moments of agony
she comes along with her sister ANGUISH
and they taunt you,
galvanising and pinpointing your mind to the PAST you left behind

have you not rendered men a roaming wretch for years?
are you not content with the tears you have drank from your millions of subscribers?
are you not pained because of happiness and her many gifts?
when will you leave the vulnerable ones and stop feeding on their weaknesses?
for how long will you continue to taunt MEN with their horrible past and perceived failure?

You are hopeless and weak and so you feed on people's misery alongside with your heartrending sister called ANGUISH
Leave us alone,
for we do not want to commune with you
you are meant to die alone,
but you have garnered so many souls as your followers
reminding them of their most terrible past
conjuring pieces of AGONY
and feeding them with misery's venom
you are a witch SADNESS
and you dwell in the dark
you mesmerise us with beautiful tragedies and allure us into your cavernous seeking kingdom

eschew sadness
before she infects you with her incurable disease
SADNESS has no home
and so she roams*

Ovi Odiete© 2016  All Rights reserved.
Poet's Notes about The Poem

Sadness engulfs the heart and mind and all that is left is gloom.

I was inspired by an intelligent and advanced Poet from Writer's Cafe called Sheila Bowler Kline who wrote a heart moving poem titled MISERY and so I began writing. I must say she is gifted and write from the heart. Here is the poem below written by her and published on Writers Cafe



Not a poem, not a story..........just random thoughts about MISERY! Oh, how it seems to permeate the soul of this writer far too often! Shake it off, stomp on it, run it away yet it ever finds a way of coming back far too often!
Perhaps a bit macabre, but then again, I am passionate about that which I feel within the depths of my marrow!


O' Misery, why do you plague me with your incessant railing every conscious moment of the day and suffocating hour of the night?

Are you not galvanized enough by tending to the dead who beg to return to the land of the living—skipping and frolicking with fate that swings like a pendulum ‘cross tombstones glistening under a moon made fat by the ingestion of a cycle of the universe?

You torment the living with your unwelcome presence. You take residence with the weak who suffer, slurping their lifeblood to quench your perpetual thirst. You craft a vacuum in man's psyche where joy once flourished as you wound your victim with anguish, making certain to cauterize lacerations that ooze any inkling of happiness.

You count the seconds, keeping tally of moments of vitality ready to unleash a counter attack to hasten the time of their demise. Weakness empowers you like rotting carcasses strewn across the Battlefield of Life strengthens the very soil they now litter.

You are wretched, toting gloom in a haversack of tricks. You were destined to bring grief to man before you were conceived. Calamity is your self-designated birthright. You arrogantly swagger through unending tunnels of doom to cavort in a sarcophagus unsealed by your penchant for woe.

The only light is that of your pride reflecting from the bleached bones of those who have been snuffed out by your doggedness to award them residence in your bastion of suffering. A lantern may flicker yet your foul breath smothers it before it lights the tinder and thus a flame of hope.

Those you infect with your virus of despondency pass it on one to another in a never ending stream of tragedy and despair. Misery, you are a driven contagious force that cannot stop as you have an insatiable appetite to commune with your casualties - "Misery loves company".

Sheila Bowyer Kline©2016

"If misery loves company, misery has company enough." - Henry David Thoreau
Ovi-Odiete Jul 2016
Poetry has a sensitive soul
A drive and impulse
Telling stories the way they are
Feelings of soberness
A heart felt word

Poetry has a sensitive heart
Beautifully immense
A heart of gold
Giving values to life
Adding years to life: Poetry is beautiful

Poetry has a sensitive soul
Like streams that meanders slowly
Like a river glorious: It Flows
Poetry has a sensitive heart,
A beautiful soul; A flying Angel.

Poetry is the signal
The soul sends into the world
Like the river, it flows into the sea,
yet the sea never gets filled.

Poetry is the fluid for the soul,
The liquid for the yearning of the Mind
That which quenches the fire
Feeding the deepest desires
Poetry is Gold in essence

Ovi Odiete©
May you find SOLACE AND BLISS in POETRY and may it be a MUSE for your Living.

I am thrilled that this little poem of mine has been chosen for THE DAILY POEM (19/July/2016)
Thank you all and thanks to HELLOPOETRY.
Regards, Ovi.
Ovi-Odiete Jul 2016
Our Words go into the Skies,
Our Sight travels beyond the Moon,
Our Eyes go beyond the Oceans;
We Embark on a journey at Night,
Arriving a Destination at Dawn
We are strong in our Fears;
We want to know the Lengths,
We want to see the Depths
Who Knows the shape of Yonder?
Who knows the ethereal Measurements?
But the Oceans tells its Endlessness

Our Soul longs for immortality,
But our body will betray us
Our minds keeps wandering for the Unknown
We travel through life with moments to behold,
Arriving at a distance broader than us
What has time not told us?
What is time hiding from us?
We want to know the heights
We want to see the Realms
Who knows the world after here?
Only God knows

We are building castles in the Air,
Though we cannot see them
We have submitted our Course;
We are waiting for answers
How long shall we wait?
Where is the beginning?
Where is the end?
In our loneliness, we are stronger
We want to know more,
We seek to know more;
Until the End

We are waiting at the Gates;
And the storm is heavy,
Still the rain falls deeper
Should we wait longer?
Can we wait Longer?
Who knows the lost road to the sky?
Who knows the path leading to the moon?
Why are our shadows trailing us?
Who knows the ethereal measurements?
No one knows,
But the Ocean tells its Endlessness.
Ever wondered what lies beneath the fluffy clouds?

Man has attempted to know the lengths and depths of life, nature and her companions. He tries to search through science, but still hasn't UNVEILED THE MYSTERY.
Man is INSATIABLE and as much as some feel they are supernatural, there are still a lot they are yet to UNCOVER and that goes to show that MAN is limited and Only one knows the BEGINING FROM THE END AND THAT ONE IS GOD
The ocean tells the endlessness of the depths. Who can measure the endlessness of the OCEAN?

Ovi Odiete~•©

— The End —