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Jul 2016
Our Words go into the Skies,
Our Sight travels beyond the Moon,
Our Eyes go beyond the Oceans;
We Embark on a journey at Night,
Arriving a Destination at Dawn
We are strong in our Fears;
We want to know the Lengths,
We want to see the Depths
Who Knows the shape of Yonder?
Who knows the ethereal Measurements?
But the Oceans tells its Endlessness

Our Soul longs for immortality,
But our body will betray us
Our minds keeps wandering for the Unknown
We travel through life with moments to behold,
Arriving at a distance broader than us
What has time not told us?
What is time hiding from us?
We want to know the heights
We want to see the Realms
Who knows the world after here?
Only God knows

We are building castles in the Air,
Though we cannot see them
We have submitted our Course;
We are waiting for answers
How long shall we wait?
Where is the beginning?
Where is the end?
In our loneliness, we are stronger
We want to know more,
We seek to know more;
Until the End

We are waiting at the Gates;
And the storm is heavy,
Still the rain falls deeper
Should we wait longer?
Can we wait Longer?
Who knows the lost road to the sky?
Who knows the path leading to the moon?
Why are our shadows trailing us?
Who knows the ethereal measurements?
No one knows,
But the Ocean tells its Endlessness.
Ever wondered what lies beneath the fluffy clouds?

Man has attempted to know the lengths and depths of life, nature and her companions. He tries to search through science, but still hasn't UNVEILED THE MYSTERY.
Man is INSATIABLE and as much as some feel they are supernatural, there are still a lot they are yet to UNCOVER and that goes to show that MAN is limited and Only one knows the BEGINING FROM THE END AND THAT ONE IS GOD
The ocean tells the endlessness of the depths. Who can measure the endlessness of the OCEAN?

Ovi Odiete~•©
Written by
Ovi-Odiete  lagos,nigeria
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