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Adelina Marie Sep 2014
my hair was done
my outfit looked great
my jewelry was in place and
my lips were painted.

but i didn't paint my nails

it didn't dawn on me until you pulled
up to the driveway and i had
been anxiously staring at my hands
that i had forgotten something
i didn't think i looked perfect
like i had previously
the doubt sat in the back of
my mind as i kissed you hello,
hoping you wouldn't notice that
the color of my nails were
chipped, fading, and
various shades of dull.
as the day went on, you still
held my hand with the
grip you had before, you
still looked into my eyes as if
they were galaxies unfolding
in your line of vision, you
still played with my fingers and
kissed the back of my hand, and you
still kissed me till my
painted lips were smeared.
i laughed at the end of the day and
but i didn't paint my nails.
it didn't matter to you.
you probably never noticed.
This is in reference to all the time us girls (and some guys) spend getting ready for a special someone or even just to go out. Not everyone cares about every little thing we do to make ourselves look "perfect". Stop worrying about the little things you forgot to do. Because guess what? They probably never noticed.
Adelina Marie Sep 2014
it's hard for me to let go of material
things, i'll admit
but i can,
without hesitation,
put you above my passion.


a pen and paper has always
been there for me
when i needed it,
almost like a
security blanket.
but with you...
i am at a loss for words;
the stanzas are jumbled
and the words are
crisscrossed in my mind,
for you are all the poetry i
could ever pen.
the words that make
up the metaphors that
make up the stanzas
that make up the poem are
all entangled in the
flecks of hazel
in your eyes.
those eyes look at me with love,
and ****,
am i a lucky woman.
cause you are my poetry, and
just maybe..
i'm your fantasy storyline.
I love poetry. He loves Homestuck. He is before my passion and I before his.
Adelina Marie Sep 2014
i want to be with someone for so
long that it takes me
a few seconds to recall
how many years it has been.
not because i'm forgetful, but
because it has been
*that long
I saw a couple today in the doctor's office and someone asked them how long they had been together. It took her a few seconds but she said "66 years", and I thought that was beautiful.
Adelina Marie Sep 2014
everywhere i look
is a haunting reminder
of you...
i can only dream that
ghosts crawl up and
circle your
when you see something that
reminds you
of me.
Adelina Marie Sep 2014
there's so much more to say
and a lot more to show
but i can't find the right
arrangement of words
to put it all together
so i'll keep it confined to the
spider web of thoughts
locked away in the
innermost part of my mind
you're the only thing that
makes me feel anymore and
i crave your touch so i can
come alive again
for i've been dead so long;
a corpse with a beating heart
and i have done nothing to fix it
yet i lay here day in
and day out
thinking about how
we long for days that
may not exist and
the sunrises and
sunsets that are
existing without our eyes
in awe at their beauty
the stars that come out and
the wishes we aren't making on
the heartbeats that aren't syncing
the love we aren't making
the breath we aren't sharing and
simply the life we aren't living
i'd love to tell you all this because
there is so much more to
a feeling than an
initial explanation
but i'm just me
and you are all of you...
i shouldn't love you

but ****

i do.
An aimless rambling.
Adelina Marie Sep 2014
how could you
be a failure
if you make someone feel
as if they've found success
in their life
*finding you?
Adelina Marie Sep 2014
you know what? this kills. knowing you're probably lying there with a head chock full of thoughts that i wish i could ease but i know i can't. it ate at me all day because i knew something was wrong. i still don't know exactly what is wrong, and that's okay. that's your business. but hey, i'm here to tell you something. and you're gonna listen, okay? there is so much more to you than what you see in the mirror. you're so used to your own personality and physical features that you don't understand how your supposed weeds could look like blossoming roses to another. but guess what? they do. sure, your smile says "happy" but your eyes say "help", but there are still universes to be discovered in the depths of those eyes. they say that eyes are the window to the soul, and god, your eyes are like windows to nebulae bursting with light and power and colors and stars. your smile conveys what you may be too shy to say, and your laugh is the call of an innocent child trapped in the body of a man who has had a rough life and has been shaped by it, for better and possibly also for worse. i'm glad that you can forgive, only hoping as time goes, you can forget. because you deserve so much more than what you've been handed, whether you agree with me or not. you deserve the world and all the stars in the sky and all the time left and beyond to do what you strive for. but there is a limit to what i can give you, so i hope you will take with a generous hand what i have to give. i can give you the love you deserve and perhaps a hand to hold. and maybe---just maybe---i can help you see that the weeds you believe that are growing in your heart and polluting your ribcage are actually roses. they've got thorns, but pain is easier to handle when it's divided between two. And i would gladly bleed for you.
I wrote this for a friend who has had a really bad day... I figured it would be nice to wake up to something so heartfelt.
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