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Matthew Randell May 2015
When describing Iliad I was told
That a poem 26 books long
Could no longer be referred to
As a poem
It was a story a
novel I was told
That a poem is not a poem
That a poem is dependent on length

But this is not true
Matthew Randell May 2015
Prejudice helps us
make snap-decisions
Labels help us
know what things are
Gender roles are convenient

Use them if you must
But don't be a c*nt.
  May 2015 Matthew Randell
within a prison-like classroom.
i learnt the writer used
"i "
to express his or her's feeling of unimportance.

i promise you.
i've been texting my i's in lowercase letters ever since.
Matthew Randell May 2015
Radical as Shakespeare
Cool as Frost
Spooky as Poe
Cyclic as Lee
Rounded as Austen
Abundant as Brontë

Earnest as Hemmingway
Matthew Randell May 2015
Tentpole, stature tall and strong and
Firmly placed between the thin sheets
Members of the boy scouts, boy clan
Flames extinguished, his body heats

At dawn it rises, makes me wake
******* for the fire he gathers
Morning wood, embers of the stakes
Soon home; disapproving Fathers

Morning **** calls, but we're busy
Pack our bags, get all the work done
Juice of life makes me quite dizzy
Mem'ries of our weekend of fun

I'll be dish and spoon to your spoon
Spend nights together o'er the moon
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