i can
still see
your back
as you  
slowly go
far away
from me

i am
for you
to come
and face
me again

i shouldn't
have let
you go


me to weekends
July 7, 2017

'I don't like you'
I keep repeating to myself

I don't like the way you smile
or the crinkles by your eyes

I don't like your Nike shoes
or the way you sing the blues

I don't like your jet black hair
or the way you just don't care

I don't like the way you walk
And how you never seem to talk

I don't like how my heart beat
Every time you're being sweet

I don't like how my eyes gaze
At your always glowing face

I don't like how my heart aches
Every time that you're away

I don't like the way I lie
Every time that you walk by

I don't like you, I say
Maybe if I keep on repeating these words
They might turn true one day

I don't like you, please believe me.

Nagsimulang pumatak ang ulan
Mula sa maitim na ulap at kalangitan

Binuksan ko ang aking payong
Upang mula sa ulan ay sumilong

Aking kapote ay isinuot
Upang damit ko'y manatiling tuyot

Naglakad lamang ako ng patuloy
Sa kabila ng buhos ng ulan na tuloy tuloy

Ang buong akala ko ay hindi ako mababasa
Dahil sa kapote at payong na aking inihanda

Ngunit 'di ko napansin na ako'y naglalakad na,
Naglalakad sa gitna ng baha

Tulad ng pagibig ko sa iyo na pilit kong itinanggi, iniwasan
Na buong akala ko'y di na ako maaapektuhan

Pero sa huli ako pa rin ay lumusong, nilamon,
Sa huli ay hindi na ako makaahon.

Kailan ba itong baha huhupa?
Kailan ba itong ulan titila?

June 29, 2017

very rare of me to write poems in Filipino. But it will always give off a different feeling of satisfaction

you are
the wind
that caressed
my cheeks,
comforted me
with a gentle blow,
whispered to my ear
a silent melody
pushed my back
when i needed one
you are the wind
that come and go
was never seen
but was felt
that wind
that blew
my heart
that wind
that will never
be mine.

Watched the anime Arakawa under the bridge and they got some pretty awesome quotes there. Idea came from that episode.

The sky reached out
The earth awaits.

The sky cried out
The earth was touched.

The earth and sky,
They finally met
During that rainy night.

June 22, 2017

"If I were the rain. . . that binds together the Earth and the sky, whom in all eternity will never mingle. . . Would I be able to bind two hearts together?" (Kubo Tite, Bleach)

I shouted as I saw her fade away,
As her blinding light disappeared.
My roar was left hanging in the air
Among the emotions scattered around
Which is heard by the earth
but never by her.


I cried as I ran away from the dark clouds,
As I lit up a wish for someone to hold me
But that light disappeared in a second
For I'm afraid of the engulfing darkness
Afraid that no one's there for me,
That no one will call me.


June 22, 2017

Don't be afraid. Try to wait and look around, there is someone who will be there for you.

I'm actually wondering
Why poems are mostly sad

Contains our loneliness,

Reveals our pained and broken hearts

Unfolds our depression and anxieties

Tells the story of how you are left behind

Says the words and feelings unspoken

Shows are darkest thoughts and emotions

Maybe poems are mostly sad
Because happiness is easy to show
But our sadness is for our heart's ink and papers alone

Maybe poems are mostly sad
Because this is the only way how to make
A messy mind and soul into a beautiful work of art

While poems are mostly sad
At least it doesn't make us feel lonely
There's that comforting side that makes us go on with life

When you're reading other people's work and you're thinking

That you exactly feel the same

That, finally, someone put your thoughts into words

That someone also goes through what you're going through

That, at least, you are not alone

So maybe sad poems aren't always totally sad poems
Maybe sad poems got that tiny bit of happiness in it

Maybe sad poems aren't just sad
Maybe sad poems are actually a silent type of a happy poem

For most of my poems are sad poems or love poems...

(January 9-June 21)
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