Jan 9 Patricia

Most of the time I'm not usually bothered by the fact that my love for you will forever be unrequited. But on some nights,the thought of not being able to know what it feels like to hold your hand,to not know what your lips taste of,to never know how fast your heart beats when our eyes meet,to never know what it feels like to have my hand on your chest as we watch some corny movie, these thoughts keep me up at night. And it breaks my heart to bits.

 Jan 9 Patricia

They say you don't know what you have until it's gone.
But what about the people that do know?
The people that just have to sit there waiting and watching helplessly as the only thing that's keeping them from going insane is walking away from them.
Isn't it much worse for them?

 Jan 9 Patricia
Midnight Rain 

perhaps i read
to forget a world
that was not entirely
my own

or perhaps
to dull the pain
that grew
every day
every hour
every second
like a fire
blooming out
to the stars,
scraping against
the sky in agony

perhaps i read
these books because
they were
too much
like myself

page after page
forever marked
with the words of
someone else

there are times when
you are missing him so much
yet, he doesn't have any idea

but there will come a time when
he is already missing from your life
yet, you don't have any idea

people do move on, right?
January 9, 2017

there are those times
that i read what you've read
watch what you've watched
play games you've played
listen to songs you've listened
just to find you
find pieces of you
in the books
in the movies and tv shows
in the games

there are those times
that i try to find pieces of you

but there are also times
that i found pieces of me, instead

thank you for those times

thank you, jeden

January 5,2017

you're looking at the moon tonight
gazing in awe of its beauty,
its brightness and glory
in the midst of the cloudy night sky
in the midst of the darkness above

you looked at it very intently
for you'll never see it in that way
for years and for several decades

you're looking at the moon tonight
in the same way i looked at you everyday

For the moon disappears when the day comes.
And I know that you too will disappear someday.

November 14, 2016

i saw a guy inside my dreams

he's facing his back towards me

i'm in a wedding gown, he's in tux

then he faced me

but he was faceless

yet i know

that it was you


it is my actual dream years ago. i just remembered it, so there you have it.

november 12, 2016
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