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Raven Feels Apr 14
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, friendships are like gold-so hard to find so easy to lose:]

on the border you await

eyes lighten up on the pupils dilate

shut up as always you sense

vulnerability on the walk so immense

when you embrace never flinch never haste

a rock you are on locked doors no waste

red sweaters on black disobey

even when unknown glances pass

a souvenir from past lives mass

Farzaneh Qaf Jul 2018
I used to say: "I will never hate anyone"
But now, I think I hate someone
And guess who...
That "noise" which woke me up
And stopped me
from kissing you
In Lastnight's Dream....
Pipin Oct 2017
Habang magkahawak ang kamay na tatalon
Tayo'y magpapaalam sa panahon
Kasabay ng mga alon
Ay itataya ang pagkakataon
Para sa pag-asang sa muli nating pag-ahon
Ay maglalaho na ang ilusyon

Huling Gabi
Sally A Bayan May 2017
Sun slowly peeps
sunbeams, yet to waken
sleepy eyes, minds

sky is gray this morning
several hours past a tremor

no wind to stir action
bamboos, fruit trees
are stilled

awaiting movements
worse than 5.4
it's crazier,
awaiting aftershocks...


Copyright May 26, 2017
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
(it's not only the rains we await these days...earthquakes too, are expected...aftershocks makes things worse)
Isabelle Apr 2016
All I Ask by Adele

If this is my last night with you
Hold me like I'm more than just a friend
Give me a memory I can use
Take me by the hand while we do what lovers do
It matters how this ends
Cause what if I never love again?
I do not own any of these. I'll be posting lyrics from songs I wished I had written. So basically, songs that I find beautiful or those that I can relate too.
Amanda Apr 2016
"We can't do this anymore,"
you said to me in a dream.
I'm so happy that you're happy,
but I wish that it were me.

It's human nature to be selfish,
that's why my heart is torn in two;
I was here when no one else was
I only wish that I knew
where and with whom
your heart lies
because the truths you've told
have been far too few.

My arms are holding blankets
and you're in her arms now.
I guess this is the final curtain call:
Stand up
and take a bow.
Denel Kessler Mar 2016
I dreamed
there was a evil man
searching for wealth
beyond all riches
hidden in the hardened
sculpture of a woman
there was a hero too
I could not see his face
he journeyed to a sacred cave
to guard the precious treasure

he climbed inside
the statue's hollow center
and held the treasure to his chest
where it radiated
with such intensity
he had to close his eyes
it gently pulsed in his hands
calming the anxiousness
leaching sour
in his throat

the villain
shrouded black
entered the cave
a belligerent pirate
yelling obscenities
where are you *****?
when I find you, you'll be sorry
you think you can hide from me?
no one will ever love you
the way that I do

his craven hunger upon seeing
the lost prize glowing heavenly
beneath sapphire stalactites
left this dreamer cold
he began to tear
at the sculpture's *******
with hands encased in forged steel
spiked fingernails slicing
until shimmering gold bloomed
in the statue's chest

zealously the villain tore deeper
molten yellow dripped
from his over-eager fingers
when suddenly from the center
came a flash of scorching fire
the villain dissolved to ash
without a single sound
the hero too transformed
into a luminous bird
not unlike a phoenix

he shook fresh wings
flexed honed talons
raised his crested head
and from hooked beak
there came a sound
like a choir of voices singing
the hero flapped three times
and soared out of the cavern
into the bluest sky
I'd ever seen
Crysta Gingras Feb 2016
The rain had stopped
Hours ago,
Class had been cropped
Only miles to go,
The cars drive by
Splashing and dragging water,
Not another sound to be heard
Just the swirling patter,
As the water is thrown off the wheels
And onto the pavement,
It’s a sound that appeals
To a certain extent,
Vehicles drive by fast
Their sounds soon swallowed by the damp air,
As my mind is recast
And I pull back my hair,
A new rain starts falling
Giving new thoughts that draw in
I wonder if this rain
Had been with you,
Barely a week ago
When you thought I should know
That the rain was falling down
Outside where your are,
I reach my car
I seem stuck in place,
You are so far,
I wish to hold you in my embrace
The weather is perfect for that
I think to myself
I wonder where you’re at
As I’m wishing to see your face
I shake my head and get into the car
One last glance
At the rain water dance
We’ll get our chance
Until then we romance.
To my angel
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