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Holding my breath so I can take control.
Feelings unrest, I can’t seem to grow.
Problems unsolved, it’s an overload.
Losing my mind right before I explode.

I said I’m foretold to be the truth.
Swear an oath, but it didn’t bare any roots.
At any given moment one could lose his youth. Don’t know who he is cause he wears another mans boots.  
Walking irritations, bearing all the earnings of their fruits.
Limits are escalating and I’m tarring down the roof.
A Course to deviation, unable to see any other routes .
  Blind to temptations.
The struggle fits me like a  suit.

Holding my breath so I can take control.
Feelings unrest, I can’t seem to grow.
Problems unsolved, it’s an overload.
Losing my mind right before I explode.

Time is deteriorating, everyday life of a destitute.  
 Waters are evaporating and I’m thirsty for whatever’s absolute.
Problems eternally materializing, full of sorrow and solitude.
Emptiness continuously multiplying, like a disease it pollutes.
Visions are tremendously horrifying, wishing to **** the sound and become a mute.
The story’s are ultimately glorifying, ghoulish torment and Chaos to distribute.
Nothing but hesitation.
Loneliness overtaking, going through all these hoops.
Screams are instantly mesmerizing, the ending is what They Pursue.

Holding my breath so I can take control.
Feelings unrest, I can’t seem to grow.
Problems unsolved, it’s an overload.
Losing my mind right before I explode.
Solfadri Dec 2017
Estaba en ese momento, de sentirme a lado de la estatua de Pípila,
Mirando las ventanas de la ciudad abajo comenzando a encenderse,
cambiando a estrellas, casi reflejando el cielo nocturno,
brillante, aclarando e iluminando los colores fuertes
de las casas,
oyendo la gente en el centro, bailando en la plaza,
enfrente del Teatro Juárez.
Oyendo el ruido
y la música
llenando las calles.
oliendo la dulce, rica comida,
envuelto en la cálida brisa,
acariciando mi cara
es cuando comprendí algo,
algo elusivo.
Es como ese sentimiento que tenías
cuando eras joven, de no preocuparte por nada,
la sensación de libertad, como si el mundo fuera infinito
y todo fuera nuevo.
Antes de decidir que sabíamos cómo funcionan
los humanos.
Antes de llegar a ser arrogantes,
Creo que en ese momento, bajo la luna,
entendí que
todas las personas son iguales
pero todas son completamente diferentes,
que hay otros mundos que son exactamente tan grandes como el mío,
de los que no conozco absolutamente nada.
Que aún hay maravilla en este mundo, incluso en mi propia vida,
y que la única constante en la vida es que siempre habrá más,
que aprender, que vivir, que ver,
y que no se puede conocer completamente a una persona,
que todo es demasiado profundo,
que en realidad no conozco nada,
y que eso me hace sumamente feliz.
El primero en Español
Star BG Oct 2017
Music enters hearts and ears,
balancing dancing boots.
Crowd in sic with moment listen,
as gifted one sings
on stage.

Without warning
moments unfold to chaos,
as deadly sounds
replace music of once peaceful concert.

run for cover dodging bullets
as others step up with kindness
to aid while world watches
longing for truth.

But still, we get fed lies.
Fabrications in media
by those with their own agenda.

Scenarios of scene
on news stations
makes no sense
pointing to another false flag event,
that plagues our world.

Still stories of untruth are painted,
for the public
living unconsciously,
who yearn for an answer
to bandage their pain.

Maybe someday it will be reveled.
Until then, my heart cries
for those lives lost.

And I pray
for an end to violence by hidden factors,
and for peace on earth
A reflective poem in regard to the event in Las Vegas.
Benjamin Oct 2017
Those who believe that
words cannot ****
have never read
the Second
or witnessed the blood it has spilled.
There is only one "death sentence" prescribed by the American Constitution, and it is this: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."
Alex Greenwell Oct 2017
The cold seems to creep in. It gathers at the folds of fall and sends crisp crackles down splintered spines. Things gain a sense of urgency, the wind whips with more ferocity and graves are left to lay away as they decompose like the bodies held inside, where spooky stories tend to thrive and people wonder. They wonder just when the world began to change. Just when shots began firing in cluttered squares, where man decided that the decision of life was their's, to gather in. Just when did man decide that the grave was home to his fellow mankind. The earth rests in commotion, in question, in fear it hides.

But the world knows. The earth can feel chaos in it's bones and breaths in peace real deep. It sets it's children out on quivering feet and whispers: "find freedom and peace to be what is meant to be." So the world walks. The wind howls and leaves fall softly to the wilting ground as nature crawls and yawns and bows to The streams and rivers flow deep and cool, they set a path for wounds to heal, oceans deep and mountain glen - reminding the sky to set peace down upon this wilted ground, again.

So thunder strikes and fire crashes, a tapestry of sunset skies. Man once again feels life behind his closing eyes, and winks. Winks and sees fresh covered ground, a white silk blanket set upon earthen crowns. Crows hollowed caw is set in rest and heralds in peace that is blessed.

The world sinks deeply into sleep, lullabying softly "be at peace, be at peace," and so the earth rests in hibernatious slumber, and boys become men and begin to wonder what is left for them in a world that has already been discovered.

"Peace, find peace," is all that is muttered. So they keep wondering.
when skunk
mull mandalay
with graph
only message
there affront
but companion
right to
convene in
this courtyard
with their
music blue
as sheltered
cry which
the world
must hear
on an
october night
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