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Maria Hernandez Jul 2020
quel est
belle en moi
et ce que je laisse
en moi

c'est toujours
peu importe comment
tu as essayé de me faire
se sentir dur à aimer

il y a tous ces beaux
et des choses tendres en moi ...
t o u j o u r s
et des choses tendres en moi ...
papillons se levant
Maria Hernandez Jul 2020
My real mother,
her name is Angela
She invests her heart and soul into
a child that she did not birth.

She loves, has a selfless sacrifice for someone else's kid in all of her,
while ignoring her own comfort.

She could never replace my biological mother,
but every child needs her mother
and nothing can change how much
I love her
To my mother
Maria Hernandez Jul 2020
tu étais toi et j'étais moi

nous étions deux avant notre temps

J'étais à toi avant de savoir

et tu as toujours été à moi aussi
C'est mon poème préféré traduit de l'anglais
YoussefM Mar 2020
Il était un rêve  , with too many wishes .
Was going down the road slowly until i couldnt  see it or feel it .
Ba ouais is gone now im affraid to follow it again
Seems beautiful from a distance but when i get close i dont want it anymore  . Im affraid yes that i go down the road again then i dont see it or with the expectation to feel it .
How long will take i dont know . In the moment i see no chance .
The calmness the silence i try to hookup with .
Its me back again je ne sais plus quoi faire .
Ba ouais il était un jour une fois
Marina Feb 2020
The tenderness on your body isn't forever.
But for 16, a curled frown of a fiddled head
fern and forests
just wasted by the sun, your traveled generous thighs
in which we've become to tie boundlessly by.
The innocence and wisdom of the place my tongue has found
there by what all came from;
i'd advise as in the present, I lived in satiation
by the way she lit up candles,
and held my body like warmth
and my heart like glass in this home.

no wonder why our ribs are cages for the heart,
except mines managed to escape and loved so much with the heart
so it consumed me, and she consumed my all I can offer.

"you are way too loving for this world"
soon, your touch on me, firmness, protectiveness, and love
held onto me, searching me out of your tongue, and slender fingers
reaching for mines,
so whatever happens, I pray it will be with you.
brianna of space May 2017
J’aime les filles.
Ils sont merveilleuses.
Tous les filles sont jolies,
Mais vous savez quand vous trouvez cette fille parfait,
La fille qui allume la salle avec son sourire
Et qui vous laisse à bout de souffle?
Quand vous de céder à cette lumière
C’est comme elle vous a éclairé de l'intérieur et le monde vous donne la clé du bonheur.
Alors, si c’est la première fois,
La deuxième fois,
La centième fois,
Ne verrouillez-pas vous dans l'obscurité.
Lumière-vous, jusqu'à ce que vous brillez.
Permettez-vous prélasser dans la lumière parce que,
Ma jeune fille,
Vous aimez les filles aussi.
I love girls.
They are wonderful.
All girls are pretty,
But you know when you find that perfect girl,
The girl who lights up the room with her smile and who takes your breath away?
When you give in to that light
It’s like you are lit from within and the world has given you the key to happiness.
So, if this is the first time,
The second time,
The hundredth time,
Do not lock yourself in the dark.
Light yourself, until you shine.
Allow yourself to bask in the light because,
My young girl,
You love girls too.

(Apologies if the French is incorrect, it is not my first language.)
mes larmes piquent mes lèvres,
la douleur m'accable, tout
d'un coup, je suis mort.
mon premier haïku en français (my first haiku in French).
Edna Sweetlove Sep 2015
You know as well as I do
that internet dating can have its ups
and downs
and thus, after so many futile meetings
and tragic misadventures
in a domestic UK situation,
I decided to spread my wings
and so I logged on to an Australian website
for lonely kangaroo lovers
yes it was
where no holes were barred.

And I soon struck up a promising friendship
with someone who sounded like
a real goer, a total slapper,
with no morals whatsover
judging from the photo she posted
taken with a mobile phone
up her skirt
which showed her muffin *****
as well as what she had eaten
for breakfast yesterday,
poking its head out.

We finally agreed to meet
behind the old dunny
in the park where the abos go
to exchange their social security vouchers
for crack *******
or a bottle of Castlemain XXXX
or a quick one up each others' bots
in spite of the pong
on a sunny arvo.

You can imagine how effing disappointed
I was when she arrived
on a trailer attached to her grandson's ute
strapped to a battered gurney
(and almost insensate)
but still ready for a bit of backdoor action
but not from me, no sirree,
thank you very much mate:
I might be desperate, but
I would have had to have
clipped my nose shut with a clothes peg
to get anywhere near her
and my gag reflex simply couldn't cope.

So I bravely dragged the gurney
over to the convenient gap
in the fence overlooking the mighty ravine
and with a gentle shove
I sent her to that sweet place
where peace can be found
and I can still hear her scream
as she bounced off the rocks
accusing me of being illegitimate
before silence reigned
and I smiled in joy.

It only goes to show, O my friends,
that there are female dogs
of the most hideous kind
on every sodding continent
on this dear planet of ours;
and I may as well stick to
a handful of Nivea cream
and a Kleenex, at least the odour
is wholesome.
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