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RBWhite Jun 2018
Así,como la bruma del viento arenoso,
La sirena del desierto se despide,
Lo hace maldiciendo los recuerdos,
Sus caderas sinuosas,ojos claros,
Que una vez me imploraban piedad,
Y a la otra se resignaban al suplicio,
Me dejan para no volver,
Ella oye y baila sobre mis penas,
Cabellos de tormenta tropical,
Su voz tenáz y cruel,
No quiere que la siga,
Pero, ¿Cómo no?
Es lo único que he hecho,
Sus pasos son los propios,
Nunca ha habido diferencia,
Déjame entrar en tí una última vez,
Juro no hacerte llorar,
Ni abandonarte por el mar,
Aunque ya lo haya hecho,
Y me hayas perdonado cada vez,
Vuelve a mí, mi alma,
Sirena de mis mitos,
Crees en pecadores,
Pero nunca me pudiste perdonar,
He aquí un forastero sátiro,
Que no cree en nadie, ni en nada,
Pero consigue religión y sueños,
Cada vez que curas mis heridas,
Que me alimentas y acunas,
Que me enseñas y reprendes,
Que te entregas y me reclamas,
No conozco a más nadie,
¿Por qué irme?
Tengo a la muerte cerca,
Y quiero confesarme a tí,
Como lo he hecho constantemente,
Para escuchar tu dolor,
Hundirme en la miseria de no merecerte,
Eres mis ojos,
Eres mi sentir,
Sirena del amor,
Sirena dulce,
Sirena de la ternura invalorable,
Sirena de la melancolía,
Llévame contigo.
Henk Holveck Feb 2016
i went to sleep with him in my bed
to meet the one who wore the flower crown
slightly opening my eyes
my greatest fear you disappeared into the dark paradise.

i didn't know what to do
so i began to pinch myself
you were too good to be true
whenever i saw your face i felt alive.

i wandered into the dark paradise,
in hopes of finding you.
when you decide to leave that place,
promise me you won't forget me this time.
Bejoux Soleil Feb 2016
"Darling, darling, doesn't have a problem
Lying to herself 'cause her liquor's top shelf
It's alarming honestly how charming she can be"-Lana Del Rey [Carmen]

Her hand on the Jack Daniels to escape the memories.

Undecipherable is her emotions

She looks you in the eyes, showing that she's not afraid

Not afraid, of the thoughts that haunt

the life she has to live

the expectations she has to fulfill

the beauty she has to uphold

but her melanin's juxtapose

They talk and talk

Her slurs on a thousand

She's charming and cute

you're in for a hoot

the Jack Daniels takes her into an abyss and brings her back like the touch of her spouse and ****** of their  encounters: on the island, couch, in the bedroom.

Fading .. Relapsing in time. —Bejoux Soleil
Overlooked so many times when I was ~wings~
I've passed briefly across the sea of your poetic
Endless streams and rivers; your upheaval way-
Snobbish smart butterfly ties grew your head up.

Without suffocating without any pause, you were
Gentle-man once ~ giving me the 'credibile' break-
Down the lane in Athens where Partenon resided
I saw your unfavouritable pilgrimage to awards.*

*The guitarist at the dock played for herself, dreaming.
Impeccable Space
R Daniel Jun 2014
Those angel eyes, they tell it well.
They speak of how we met in hell.
Your luscious lips, and those **** eyes.
A glimpse of heaven shining through the skies.
My favorite laugh is yours and mine.
After red wine, your cheeks are lovely and divine.
The summer breeze, the pale blue sky.
The day you told me that you loved me,
I almost died.
The golden day, my dearest memory.
When you held my hand and we floated through that field.
We said I do. Our hearts combined.
As the moon shined...
On your angel eyes,
I see them well.
I promise to love you until...
The end.
Inspired by Lana del Rey's new album Ultraviolence

— The End —