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TTagain May 26
You don't ever have to
Be stronger than you really are
When you're lying in my arms, baby
You don't ever have to
Go faster than your fastest pace
Or faster than my fastest cars

I shouldn't have done it but I read it in your letter
You said to a friend that you wish you were doin' better
I wanted to reach out, but I never said a thing
I shouldn't have done it but I read it in your letter
You said to a friend that you wish you were doin' better
I wanted to call you, but I didn't say a thing

You don't ever have to
Be stronger than you really are
When you're lyin' in my arms, and, honey
You don't ever have to
Act cooler than you think you should
You're brighter than the brightest stars

I'll pick you up
If you come back to America
Just hit me up
'Cause this is crazy love
I'll catch you on the flipside
If you come back to California
You should just hit me up

We'll do whatever you want, travel wherever how far
We'll hit up all the old places
We'll have a party
We'll dance 'til dawn
I'll pick up all of your folks and all of your Rolling Stones
Your favorite liquor off the top-shelf
I'll throw a party
All night long

-------Lana Del Rey
This is one of my favorite songs. Since I'm going through certain emotions and time where I can relate to this song, I thought maybe I can share it with you guys.

The lyrics are bit altered here
Jim Morris Jul 2016
As I lay here beside the queen
Curious of death, I continue to dream
Vines inflicting pain has trapped me underneath
In this dark sanctuary I cannot breathe
I feel asphyxia, I've left skin on my teeth
Never saw a light, my eyes here can now see
She sings deep from the soul with that electric voice
Yearning for a paradise
I found a lucky copper penny in the dirt
Livin' like a rolling stone in the desert
In this moment there are no amends
The war inside my head has finally come to end
The road behind leaves a headless gravestone
Trails of skulls and bones
I've observed shooting stars
Schizophrenic tendencies was my every regard
I would never be alone, wouldn't have to impress
A lady in a red dress
Crimson skies in her demented eyes
I was seduced, corrupted from lies
A man in black
I caught him looming above me, tried not to look back
Faceless, but only his eyes..
Here we are now, up close without disguise
Offering their hands before me
Sweet smile on my face, need not plea
His hand on my head as we reminisce..
Her hand over my heart as we kiss..
Voices call to me, as I weep
I hope to die in my sleep
I've finally found my ticket
As I cruise every speed limit
Suicide would be a beautiful last memory..
Because this is the perfect reality..
Where space and time collide, where tears have dried
It's the only place where peace and love hide
Rather live in phantasmagoria
But now I find myself laughing in hysteria
Called psychotic and sadistic, if only you could relate
I was born too late, in a world full of hate
Lana Del Rey on a ****** high.
Henk Holveck Feb 2016
i went to sleep with him in my bed
to meet the one who wore the flower crown
slightly opening my eyes
my greatest fear you disappeared into the dark paradise.

i didn't know what to do
so i began to pinch myself
you were too good to be true
whenever i saw your face i felt alive.

i wandered into the dark paradise,
in hopes of finding you.
when you decide to leave that place,
promise me you won't forget me this time.
Bejoux Soleil Feb 2016
"Darling, darling, doesn't have a problem
Lying to herself 'cause her liquor's top shelf
It's alarming honestly how charming she can be"-Lana Del Rey [Carmen]

Her hand on the Jack Daniels to escape the memories.

Undecipherable is her emotions

She looks you in the eyes, showing that she's not afraid

Not afraid, of the thoughts that haunt

the life she has to live

the expectations she has to fulfill

the beauty she has to uphold

but her melanin's juxtapose

They talk and talk

Her slurs on a thousand

She's charming and cute

you're in for a hoot

the Jack Daniels takes her into an abyss and brings her back like the touch of her spouse and ****** of their  encounters: on the island, couch, in the bedroom.

Fading .. Relapsing in time. —Bejoux Soleil
Overlooked so many times when I was ~wings~
I've passed briefly across the sea of your poetic
Endless streams and rivers; your upheaval way-
Snobbish smart butterfly ties grew your head up.

Without suffocating without any pause, you were
Gentle-man once ~ giving me the 'credibile' break-
Down the lane in Athens where Partenon resided
I saw your unfavouritable pilgrimage to awards.*

*The guitarist at the dock played for herself, dreaming.
Impeccable Space
R Daniel Jun 2014
Those angel eyes, they tell it well.
They speak of how we met in hell.
Your luscious lips, and those **** eyes.
A glimpse of heaven shining through the skies.
My favorite laugh is yours and mine.
After red wine, your cheeks are lovely and divine.
The summer breeze, the pale blue sky.
The day you told me that you loved me,
I almost died.
The golden day, my dearest memory.
When you held my hand and we floated through that field.
We said I do. Our hearts combined.
As the moon shined...
On your angel eyes,
I see them well.
I promise to love you until...
The end.
Inspired by Lana del Rey's new album Ultraviolence

— The End —