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Maybe in an alternate universe,
we worked out.

broken promises
unfinished relationships,
random stranger
lock eyes with
And wish you knew.

smiling baby
lady's arms,
You wish was yours.

entwined fingers
passing couple,
which would have been yours,
if only he stayed.

But maybe?
Just maybe?

But hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have.
Yes, nothing breaks like a heart.
© Megan Parson 2023
Insha Allah
The sun will be bright.
All rough roads will be smooth.
The ***** and sad will be clean.
Because we smell the scent of success.
at this time, close to the evening fall.
I see colourful birds flying in the sky.
Moving to the western evening together
Singing as prayer brings harmony and peace.

Insha Allah.
We will have wings.
To fly above the sky.
To see lucidity in the sky.
To sing as prayer brings us together in peace forever.
I can feel you at the end of thoughts  tonight
as I dance the forgotten rituals of touch
I  wanna be your perfect stranger till
the trance of darkness flickers
in your bottomless eyes
Red rage
Like erupting volcano
The blinding anger
Cracking up loud
Fire won't out
Burning forests
as it won't subside
Will take days and more
calm the loads destruction
The remnants and the ashes    
All that relationship and bonds
This place is my journal
Of things I have ever felt
In the only ways
I could have spelt
  May 11 Megan Parson
Lola Lita
She’s beauty & the beast
She’s beautiful & ugly
She’s wicked yet appears angelic
She’s a shapeshifter
Making people see what they wanna see
Hiding behind an enchanting smile
Often luring men into her den
During the darkness of the night
Only to feast on their lonely hearts.
  May 5 Megan Parson
With devil on broadway
and IT on broadband
remember the algorithm
is not your friend
fine tune these narratives
be vigilant and stay strong
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