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Ana Jan 2017
I Remember how the party was clear as day
Sneaking out and looking to fade away
Lighting a cigarette with red wine
(Pabst Blue Ribbon on ice)
Sweet sixteen and she had arrive
Fixing her dress as she whispered hi, hi
Never knew how she made it so far
Teachers said she'd never make it out alive
There she was my new best friend
casual smoke filled the festive air
While she starts to laugh, holding her shaded lipstick in her other hand
Oh Ana, how I love those guys
  Sep 2016 Ana
To all those I've touched in my short life and to all those who've seen who I am or at least felt me breathing the same air, I can only express gratitude of some sort even though I've never truly met you or known your struggles. There's something about all of us coexisting through the ugliest times that makes me feel closer than ever before. All I can do from here on is experience my own dark days in search of a light, a light that doesn't flicker when the passion dies. A light that means something to each and every person in a unique way. A ray of hope that can save us all, There's a lamp sitting on the ocean floor that lets you know that redemption isn't as far away as you think. It's a flicker in the deep, a match in the darkness, a chance in an ugly reality. It is there. A small hint of comfort before you sleep. I believe it's out there whenever I see these connections we have, these lives we live and the genuine good I see in their hearts. It's to all of them. It's to all of us. Find your light.
Ana Jul 2016
Tune in and drop out.

Firm believer of love and peace and LSD.

Spend most of my time smoking ****.

Man in the 60s
IF I WAS A MAN IN THE 60S _ balue
Ana Jul 2016
Hey, what happened to your eye?

Love hits hard

Love hits hard...
Ana Jul 2016
God I'm so crazy, baby, I'm sorry that I'm misbehaving
I'll be a good little girl don't you worry about it, just knock me down and kiss me more. I'm your  little cherry blossom, embosom, your little play toy
Kiss my innocence away
I'm raisin hell today
sorry 'bout it!
Ana Jul 2016
He's looking for help and he's not strong enough to pull himself up from the surface, no one can help him, not even me.
Ana Apr 2016
Dropping bombs for peace
is like
******* for virginity
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