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Aa Harvey Apr 2018

I have nothing written, but still I can read between the lines.
I have nothing to do, but to continue.
I have nothing, whilst you have gained everything you have through lies.
I have nothing more to say,
Because all you have to say contains no truth.

Lacking empathy to every thought inside your head.
Lacking any kind of pity; I’ll leave you behind for dead.
Lacking compassion to all you need to get from me.
Lacking indecision; my mind is made…you I will forget.

Losing all my faith, I could never believe in you;
Losing all those things you took, now I have nothing left to take.
Losing friends and family, still people push on through.
Losing hope in people, now there is no smile I need to fake.

With or without feeling, I tell you how I really feel.
With you or without you, time will never heal.
Without your love, I am better off;
With you those good times have disappeared and time is all it cost.

Still I continue living in the dark;
Still is my time, my life has come apart.
Still is the hand of the clock I do not hear at night.
Still is the heart inside my chest…
Still I am alive and still is my life.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
C Solace Mar 2018
You think I failed you, I think you fail me

So at least that is one thing we have in common

The accounts we tell others, are not the whole truth

Embellishing rags to pass as couture

You were the King on the board

I should have been your Bishop, or even your Rook

Not your little solider pawn

Your Queen protected you, She tried to protected me too

Your Knight got such undeserved praise

The Grandest of moves, the day the board claimed the Queen

The board broke the pawn, It stonewalled the Knight, & gave The King full control once more

The once protected, mighty King aligned himself with the callus, undeserved Knight

The board gained a new player, another Queen

The reign of the board was once more restored

Like a video game, Player One received an extra life

Yet, its wasted

This Chess game took such an odd turn

It’s now become a game of chance- Risk

I managed, because I was an ADULT, after all

You were not the only one that lost, but you still continue to lose

Undeserving, Unrelenting, Unbearable, Unrecognizable

Unaware of the second chance we both received

Your blind eye does not hurt just me

But the pieces of my heart that have come to life

There is never the perfect explanation…
E A Spain Feb 2018
I live in a world of aimless dreamers
They tell me to become one of them
Their pointless dreams are the key to their "happiness"
An oasis for their aching souls

I dream aimlessly to evade my fears
I dream aimlessly to escape the tears
I dream aimlessly to hold onto peace
I dream aimlessly but I reach no reach

I dream aimlessly, I suppose to live
I dream aimlessly when I close my eyes
I dream aimlessly for a positive
I dream aimlessly, although I die

I dream aimlessly
Although I know
That aimless dreamers in the end..
Have nothing to show

And this lesson is to be learned
An aimless dreamer neither gains anything, nor earns.
Written on June 27, 2010
tabitha Dec 2017
past simple praise:
he loved me
but he loved his pain more

i pulled him into the bathroom once, it was dark
his warm fingers gently plucked at my heart
for some time
the way we kissed was art

his rhetoric far surpassed mine
every time
he asked me how my day was,
i proceeded to word *****
i talked about the most useless ****
when i asked him about his,
i got a shakespearean ******* sonnet

present perfect pain:
i have never been good at thinking things all the way through
and that is why i've fallen so deeply for people like you
Lexie Aug 2017
It had been a long time since she had struggled to fall asleep
Her poor brain though to much of things that did not belong in her head
Things she had not thought in a while
Her heart was sore and her spirit weary
But her eyes so wide open they were like the wings of a hawk
Though she did not feel much like flying
She was low.
Not as low as she had been before, but still there she was, laying in the ground.
I will caution you, a heart is a delicate thing to hold.
Even more delicate to keep it in your chest, for many will try to rip it out of its cage.
There is life, and light even among the darkest of deaths, and truth in the boldest face lies.
Yet you do not return to me as you were before.
Though I am the same, I am pulled.
In the same direction as I have been many times before.
Yet this time I do not struggle, for the same wind blows against different sails and the same flames fuel the fires that did mine.
We are the same, but not one.
And I am sorry, that that is allowed.
Because the water held by the bucket could so easily quench the thirst; and the oars could just as quickly bring the boat to a different shore.
A lass that is not the way things are, nor the way they have ever been, as they should be.

You have been found lacking.
George Krokos Mar 2017
I am moved to tears when I see the spontaneous goodness of a person’s heart
that at times is surely lacking in many people of the world which we’re a part.
Sounds more like a confession or admission. From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
freeing the mind Jan 2017
I’m seeking inspiration, as this is what I am lacking,
For me be the source of this,
A tranquil guide, my focus, my distraction
Tell me the stories of what makes your heart so tender.
Show me your memories, and allow me to imagine you as a child
Tell me of what you fear and what creates warmth within you.
Let me discover what makes your body tremble
Allow me to see your smile which is hidden,
to hear the laughter when your kind of comedy is spoken,
The real, the genuine and the deepness within you
This is what I wish to be my inspiration.
not the best , quick and simple, requires alot of work
Jack Jan 2017
Words are not enough.
In fact I find them quite lacking at the moment
Language is not
Words fall short
Easily misinterpreted
Easily lied
Easily hiding what's real and what isn't
I'm tired of them.
Words are hollow and empty
We fill their spaces with meaning but the spaces are too small
And have walls
And limits
I'm tired of these limits.
Even as I write these words, I know they will not properly convey what I currently feel and wish to express right now
They are simply not enough.
And it is frustrating to try to contort them in different ways to try and prove otherwise
But what is enough?
What can break the walls of words and letters and sentences?
Speaking them only makes them worse
Springing traps of "what you do you mean by that" or "what are you saying" or "I don't understand"
I don't understand
What a terribly horrible thought.
So what's the answer?
Does anyone know?
How to bridge that gap between you and me?
I'm really asking, this isn't rhetorical.

see how lacking words are
CastorPolydeuces Sep 2016
I grew up weird.
Both fast, and painfully slow.
I understood everything and nothing.
Socially, I started confident and grew awkwardly
first in the sun, then bending away from such bright attentions. Academically I started out running, always ahead,
always the best, the brightest. Straight As and
mismatched clothes, socially lost
yet somehow showing
'great potential'.

Now I've learned a lot.
All blacks and grays, I've finally
mastered at least a portion of my shortcomings
but its too late. Because I've grown up and its shifted again
analytically I see it, can emulate it, but it isn't
familiar or comfortable, it took me
years to catch up and I'm
still behind.

I've grown up weird.
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