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Apr 2018

I have nothing written, but still I can read between the lines.
I have nothing to do, but to continue.
I have nothing, whilst you have gained everything you have through lies.
I have nothing more to say,
Because all you have to say contains no truth.

Lacking empathy to every thought inside your head.
Lacking any kind of pity; I’ll leave you behind for dead.
Lacking compassion to all you need to get from me.
Lacking indecision; my mind is made…you I will forget.

Losing all my faith, I could never believe in you;
Losing all those things you took, now I have nothing left to take.
Losing friends and family, still people push on through.
Losing hope in people, now there is no smile I need to fake.

With or without feeling, I tell you how I really feel.
With you or without you, time will never heal.
Without your love, I am better off;
With you those good times have disappeared and time is all it cost.

Still I continue living in the dark;
Still is my time, my life has come apart.
Still is the hand of the clock I do not hear at night.
Still is the heart inside my chest…
Still I am alive and still is my life.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey
Written by
Aa Harvey
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