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Mar 2018
You think I failed you, I think you fail me

So at least that is one thing we have in common

The accounts we tell others, are not the whole truth

Embellishing rags to pass as couture

You were the King on the board

I should have been your Bishop, or even your Rook

Not your little solider pawn

Your Queen protected you, She tried to protected me too

Your Knight got such undeserved praise

The Grandest of moves, the day the board claimed the Queen

The board broke the pawn, It stonewalled the Knight, & gave The King full control once more

The once protected, mighty King aligned himself with the callus, undeserved Knight

The board gained a new player, another Queen

The reign of the board was once more restored

Like a video game, Player One received an extra life

Yet, its wasted

This Chess game took such an odd turn

It’s now become a game of chance- Risk

I managed, because I was an ADULT, after all

You were not the only one that lost, but you still continue to lose

Undeserving, Unrelenting, Unbearable, Unrecognizable

Unaware of the second chance we both received

Your blind eye does not hurt just me

But the pieces of my heart that have come to life

There is never the perfect explanation…
C Solace
Written by
C Solace  34/F
     π”ž and Akshay Ghadge
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