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KG May 28
"It's just blood"
They said passing the freshly glistened reddish iron tungsten blade as if it were a joint
And I took it.
Puff puff pass.
Now I puff alone for things I cannot exempt from being my own, problems, past

Yet I feed them everyday in hopes I end up drowning in the refuse

I tolerate as much as I despise.
yet I see me drinking by myself so much more frequently after pledging allegiance to my recovery, yet,
I've never allowed myself to recieve accolades under the influence.
So, why shouldn't I observe those medals of silver and bronze without dismissal: due to performance enhancement.
Isn't society run on caffeine?

I hope these demons like heavens door whiskey.
Intense internal screaming intensifies
Bob Apr 2020
Sweet kisses on the boardwalk
My heart alight
A Hearth burning bright
I hold your hands
A smile on my face
Moments lived
In our glorysome days
I say.

"don't fret"

Yet you simply asked me.

"Are you bored yet?"
Oskar Erikson Sep 2018
these words that never found a mark.
said louder,

(i just want to connect)

and then louder.

which fall on non-interested ears.

— The End —