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Twaffle Jul 6
In this kingdom of solitude,
imagination comforts me.
She was living in multiple alternated realities
constantly fought solis against luna you know
while experiencing delusions and fighting slavery

...Inside of his domestic kingdom,
she figured out who's characters were for show.

Oh god, the ways in which she revealed her own darkness sometimes was sickening but manipulation had before held her captive.
She became a victim with no strength to respond any other way than being passive.

This so-called king possessed weapons of puppetry and diluted morals, she applied fresh lipstick to her face and got ready to constantly give him oral.

Over & over again she misplaced her caring art, seemed to have mastered her heartlessness into a form of art.

Forever she remained mute, nobody sensed her pain if she sat there playing cute.
She stuttered whenever she tried to use her voice, people judged her for being quiet like if it was her own ******* choice.

...Trauma lingered in her mind and on her face, to whom it did not concern as long as she was cooperative dressed in lace.

She was fully aware this darkness she had endured may have triggered inside of her a personality disorder, as she crawled on her knees & repeatedly gave in to his wretched & violating orders.

She was no longer the same proper creature, she was all over the place and possessed heartless features.
How was she supposed to be sure of what she truly feels?
When she could not even tell apart delusions from what is real.

Developing h.p.p.d
Authors note*
Wrote this piece in hopes of reaching out to anyone out there who might be struggling with giving in to ****** peer pressure. ****** peer pressure is still ****** assault. You are not a puppet, you are entitled to the right to your body & your right to say no. If something doesn't feel right or you wish to hold yourself up to having higher values/standards, then by all means put your foot down. Don't settle for selfish lovers, be so busy loving yourself in the meantime until you find someone who respects your body and mind, rather than plays with them for their own pleasure. In case nobody told you today, you are worthy and your feelings are valid. You do not have a job here on earth to please others, sexually or in any way. I love you. <3
Thanks for taking the time to read my story.
Shall it be so blunt?
To express feelings so irrelevant
The masterpiece of fatal flaws
I stare at the clock
Accomplishments and handicaps have yet to change
Sunrise or sunken moon, these standards hold strong
Oh, My Father,

We are blessed.
In Your Name there's
Let all the Earth
Bow down, attest,
Beneath Your wings
We finally rest.

Oh, Jehovah,

Let us see
And do Your Will
Let Your Kingdom
Finally be
Your Will is what
Will set us free!


You'll provide.
Let us put all fears aside.
You bring us bread,
Fish on the tide
In Your blessings
We reside!


Our righteousness
To forgive is such a test!
By Your forgiveness
We can bless
Others... with them
We won't wrest.


Victory waves!
Let Satan leave!
He is depraved.
Let him not tempt us
To the grave!
For, in You, we may be

Yours is the power
Glory send,
And Your Kingdom


We were in a
Deep, deep pit...
An endless journey
Hellbound trip!
Now our feet
Will never slip,
And with the armor
We're equipped!
Matthew 6:9-13
Luke 11:2-4

I have a lot of faith this rhyme embodies the heart of Jesus's Model Prayer... suggestions welcome!
Star BG May 15
Inside kaleidoscope kingdom
of poetry
I elope with my words.
Moving in grace with wind
With swirling colorful light
making feet dance
voice sing
and pen write.

My pen is filled with ink of love
scribing in positive song
to open a heart.

I bathe in sparkling energies
moving below sun and
hue’s of moon.

I echo in a vortex
where time melts away
and visions anchor.

Freedom is my motto
as I pass love baton
from one word to another.

And as my kiss
harnesses love
I send them out in a poem.
A poem to be catalyst
so a reader can dream.
Inspired by Crazy Diamond Kristy A master of the written word and a gift t this site. Do yourself a favor readers look at her work.
So caught up by the world
     And its cares
But ye shall seek God
     Thy Kingdom above
And remember,

     From worldly things
          You must be free

So caught up by the world
     And its dares
But ye shall seek God
     Thy Kingdom abide
And remember,

     Thy grace and love is
          More than enough

So seek it!
Be blessed! So God bless you and those around you! And everyone! This has a part 2
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