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CC Mar 19
we are gathered here today to ignore the empty seat next to me
i tell myself this is how it’s meant to be
laughter passes between the four of us, we’re all reminiscing
all except the one that’s missing
isn’t this peace more than enough?
is anyone going to call us on our bluff?
the vacant chair looms in the dark and my brother’s question brings it to life
                    why did you ask for a table of five?
suddenly I feel small in my seat
i succumb to a tense smile, simple and bittersweet
                     a force of habit, my fault
one by one, we halt
and stare
at the bare
and lonely chair.
this one's for my brother, the one who's no longer here-
CC Jan 6
I step onto the next page of my journey and trip,
Expecting to fall and bruise my lip,
When instead a strong pair of arms catch me
And suddenly I feel warmth as our eyes meet.
We laugh and my heart skips a beat,
In a matter of seconds, I feel complete.
Never have I felt such ease
And peace
Within my mind and heart.
I realize that I never want to be apart
From you as you have become my everything
For whom I would do anything.
for my one and only jesus baby ❤️
CC Jan 6
Bombs, bombs away!
The crowned prince of Gotham has come to play.
Will you stand by his side?
Or whimper, run and hide?
With nowhere to turn to
And no one to plead to,
Habits die hard.
Though you are scarred,
With the familiar sting of bruises and cuts that still ache,
Nothing hurts more than heartache.
That is why you’ll look at his face and accept his hand,
Because no one will ever understand,
Just how much his sinister grin and laugh
Makes you feel like he’s your better half.
This is your finale, hold your breath,
And accept how he pushes you towards your death.
their love isn't exactly healthy, but she keeps going back to him... is the reason as clear as day or is it shrouded in mystery?

— The End —