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Trevon Haywood Jan 2019
She is a miserable girl I've ever seen in my own life.
She is friendless and an outcast because of something that happened over the summer.
Also, she has the wrong hair, the wrong clothes, the wrong attitude and she don't have anyone to sit with because she is the only outcast and I'm not.
And she needs to get her act and a better life together before something happens again.
She even had an ex-best friend named Rachel Bruin because she is the only girl she ever met in high school and she always hate her so much.
And the only thing is that being friendless and an outcast is NOT a good thjng here jn Massachusetts and it's very unacceptable. So don't be like Melinda Sordino, be smart and be friends with someone in hjgh school because love and passion is always a #1 priority.

Anonymous. 1/23/2019.
Created a poem about Melinda Sordina from Speak The Graphic Novel.
Trevon Haywood Dec 2018
May this magical time of the year bring you the gift of good cheer and wonderful passion.
I will also give you hope as the rain begins to pour and I'm gonna stand by you for love, god and forgiveness because you're smart and always bold and beautiful as always do.
There's no need to be sad and lonely right now, I'm always here for you.
We can make it last and through the storm as long as we live in a beautiful world and we will never be alone.
We wanna be strong and positive. So, don't be negative. Just be nice and handsome.
We will bring warm wishes to the heart of Massachusetts this holiday season. So, we hope you to have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful Happy New Year!

Anomynous. 12/18/2018.
I finally wrote this poem for the holidays!
Trevon Haywood Nov 2018
Did you miss me while I was gone?
Yes I did.
Now I'm back to work on some new poetry for 2018!
And I will do as best as I can to get it right.
So, have a safe evening, everyone!

Anonymous. 11/5/2018.
Trevon Haywood Nov 2018
A drop fell on the apple tree
Another on the roof;
A half a dozen kissed the eaves,
And made the gables laugh.

A few went out to help the brook,
That went to help the sea.
Myself conjectured, Were they pearls,
What necklaces could be!

The dust replaced in hoisted roads,
The birds jocoser sung;
The sunshine threw his hat away,
The orchards spangles hung.

The breezes brought dejected lutes,
And bathed them in the glee;
The East put out a single flag,
And signed the fête away.


Emily Dickinson. 11/5/2018.
I'm back with some new rain poem!
  Apr 2017 Trevon Haywood
Crystal June
Babe, we're living in times of history.
It's happening right before our eyes,
But all I do is lie in misery
And wish for warmer skies.

I'm sitting here watching time pass me by.
You're running with it.
I'm trapped in a bed of sorrows and lies,
But I made it myself.


Time slowed on the way to Kentucky.
The golden leaves of the southern trees --
I saw it all,
Every last imprint of mother nature's kiss.

It was in that land that father and mother coexisted for a period
Without time,
Without noise,
Without fear,

But that was the land of yesteryear.

Here time sped up, but me,
Well, I'm still stuck
Living in slow motion, and you
Couldn't wait for me.

It's only fair,
For I accelerated far too far for a fair young girl,
Wind in my pigtails
And hope in my heart.

The thing about using hope for fuel
Is that it's a limited resource that drains

I slowed down and for a time
Found you running by my side,
But my hope ran empty
And your heart ran cold,
And you left me coughing in your path,
Following footsteps that grew older by the second.

I lost you when I lost myself.

For now, I'm still where you left me.
I only got so far as I did
Because you replenished my hope for a short-lived spell,
But I'm too slow for your bustling heart --
I couldn't keep up with your footsteps.

The path is gone.
I vanished with it.
Trevon Haywood Apr 2017
I'm the prettiest man of all time around here in Western Massachusetts.
And no one can stop me from happening.
It's almost summertime and we need to act like it as only one's own. I'm about to be 25 years old within the next 2 months.
And at anytime, you need to respect yourself and others like this is our home.
I'm about to get married to Hayleigh Reeder because she's the prettiest girl of all time just like me.
And when the storm hits, we will be together forever.
By the year 2018, i'm going to be the Prettiest Man Of All Time to be at the new casino in Downtown Springfield when it opens in September.
And as we continue to control ourselves for the summer, we shall become the prettiest people of all time like love, passion and even knowledge.
And together we are the greatest young and the restless of Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut.
Now that's life and coverage we can count on as always.

Anonymous. 4/20/2017.
Trevon Haywood Feb 2017
I hope it's love.
Because it's Valentine's Day.
So, please be my valentine as long as i live.
I wish i wanna hug you, kiss you and even marry you with all of my heart with lots of love and passion.
And when the rain falls down peacefully, we will be together forever.
Even if i still love you so much, then how about we spend more time together without breaking us apart.
When spring comes by, i hope that we can be best buddies of Massachusetts together again with no point of return.
And love is always everywhere in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Anomynous. 2/14/2017.
My perfect poem for Valentine's Day.
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