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we are words stitched together to make a skin
while the ink is our blood
our brains?
just a bunch of cameras monitoring whats around us
in such meaningful exaggeration

we are poets
we are alive

you're made purely of lies
not looking me in the eyes
bringing back those cloudy skies
bringing out "our" demise
/aɪs/ is the rhyme in the lines. i was going to put "and now-" and "-the weather" but then i realized that you would have to listen to Something New by Taeyeon in order to get what kind of feeling I wanted.

how odd
we said goodbye
before i could even say
how odd isn't it?

by:jasmine dryer
Her glowing silver hand,
Grasping desperately at

Shreds of brocade silk,
Glittering in the moonlight

Disappearing into the moonlight
i wonder whose hand you envision in your mind...
it sat on a shelf , gaining dust
She never moved
Not knowing who to trust
All the other kids played with her a lot
They broke down her porcelain skin
Leaving cracks in her
But what was she to do? She was merely a doll
A pretty thing
To look at
To toy with
It didn’t matter if she broke
Because she easy to replace
So the kids played with her
Until a once porcelain beauty
Was a shattered broken
Her eyes once glistening
Like raindrops on the leaves
Now dead and dull

Sitting on a shelf , staring at a wall
Mind empty
Nothing else
Just lost in herself
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— The End —