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Paylei Rose Apr 2
I love you...
Please stay
Paylei Rose Mar 29
Anxiety is like this open box
You are in the center
Sometimes this box is clear and light
These are your good days
This dark might go cloudy
This is when you fog over
Your memory goes hazy and you don't know where you are
When the box goes colorful, it stays hazy
This is called dissociation
Overwhelming of your senses, makes you feel insane
This all starts to go away until the darkness creeps in
The box is slowly getting darker
As you start to panic
This is called an anxiety attack
Stuck in your own head
as you start to shake and scream
The box comes completely black as the depression
It only stays for a little while
But it's still scary, nonetheless
Then the day is finally over, the box starts to go white
As you drift off the sleep to start the cycle
All over again
Paylei Rose Mar 22
The audience goes silent
As the curtain starts to open
There on the stage is a whole other world
Maybe one from this galaxy
Sometimes from the next
But nevertheless the actors preform
The characters evolve as the show goes on
Then comes the ******, you thought we were done
So many twists and turns until a conclusion
Oh, the scene is now over
The curtains have shut
The drama is done
These actors take off their makeup
But still inside them lives
The character they played, the character they once lived.
Paylei Rose Mar 21
I love this boy, you see
Sweet as can be
He has accepted me as me
and we never disagree

But this little love story has a twist
The girl goes through **** to just exist
Anxiety is a fright that has clouded her mind
So this little girl is in such a bind

A raise of the hand or angry in the voice
Leaves the girl with a very big choice
Ignore the fear or accept it with grace
She shakes and just hopes for a calming embrace

But when the boy hold tight
Everything becomes alright
It's kind of like magic
A case of true love, a classic

Now the girl is calm
Although she fights with her mom
The boy has righted all the wrong
And just like that, their love has grown strong.
Paylei Rose Mar 21
A time of laughter and stride
This year has had it's ups and downs
We might have even cried
Or maybe we ran the towns

We stood our ground
Fought the system
Now all that's left is to look around
For that was the last to be written
Paylei Rose Mar 20
I've never been able to please you
I've always been a nuisance
So I kept trying to make do
But I end up useless

You were always disappointed of me
since I was a child
They has never been a time we didn't disagree
You never even taught me how to smile

Now I need to forget the past
And realize I don't need a mother
Because I'm tired of the mistreatment, that was the last
Now I'm going to actually meet my brother
Paylei Rose Dec 2018
They say we have all the cards stacked against us.

Lets prove them wrong.
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