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Autumn Whipple Feb 2018
blue and white
cast upon you
like rice at a wedding
they follow
but how to ward them?
when you ache
and plead
with yourself
your empty bank account,
for something you find beautiful
in another
yes, the evil eyes are always watching
they are yours.
this was for a prompt where you didn't name the seven deadly sins, so this one can have every adjective but the word envy. I chose the evil eye, because that represents the stain jealousy casts on others.
bc Nov 2017
you blush,
and she laughs;
a loud, look-at-me laugh
do you really go for that?

i feel sick.
Juvia Cecilia Jul 2017
Never listen to sad music when you're already sad it only makes things worse because every lyric that is being said is every word that replays in your head.
i'm so ******* frustrated why am i like this i get jealous so easily what's wrong with me i'm not in love with her i can't be
Ella Gwen Nov 2016
I've seen pictures of your old girlfriend
on the laptop you let me borrow, I was
snooping, looking for something to accuse
you of. You told me they had all been deleted
(I hadn't asked) you told me everything
was gone.

I've read messages, happy, hinted, flirtatious
coy poetry played between two parts which
haven't been officially scripted.

"It's weird between us now, isn't it?"
berated friendship, bartered love offered
in the gaps which remain unspoken

He does not speak of her
anymore. I have not asked.

Was it, unsolicited? Or does she tickle
your decadent fancy; you do the honourable
thing now and flirt with her
behind her fiances back.

Each trial has been blond and I fail
at not hating every single golden glinted thief
who stole something before it was even mine
to take.

You rise and I darken; I smile sticking needles
in your misadvised tongue. Still, these words burn
sweeter than those in my head.

Something whispers about that girl
who just walked past. Inside my crypt
things do not look good for me.
Nay Jan 2016
Love is Square
it is equal in each corner

Jealously is Triangle
sharp in every edge

Longing is Round
the correlation is real tho
Ray Jun 2015
It fills me up with fury
A cold and silent rage
That spills out only from my eyes
And now onto this page

The anger is not because of her
Nor is it because of you
It's simply because you have a past
That makes the hate seep through

I should look at the present
And the future we have ahead
Forget the ghosts we both have
Dwell on us instead
Julia Elise Jun 2015
Jealously rises like smoke.
Obvious hoax.
How could she?
But I know his loyalty.
She can't take what's mine.
He's beautifully divine.
But maybe she already has.
Looks like midnight talks like jazz.
No... He'll return.
Right before she burns.
To what he knows is true.
He was just confused.
Wait for his common sense.
Get away from the evil *****.
Her lips curling.
Potion mist swirling.
Rotten, stale or dead.
She's inside his head.
Her breath intermixed.
Almost with his kiss.
Dark hair.
Lingering glare.
I feel her hate.
But she'll take my bait.
Her smirk won't fool me.
He wants me solely.
One choice for him to make.
Love and happiness or wretched snake
Ella Gwen Apr 2015
I would love
to be the cigarette burn on your arm
the nicotine stain in your lungs, rip
fibres of hair from follicles screaming as
I drench petrol and fiery words on your
body as you trip and stumble and fall
in every which way back down to the ground.

your smiles make me sick.

I want to ***** acid on your supple skin,
singing hydrochloric corrosive promises
which consume us both because now
just right now
all it does is burn me and
you don't even notice.
Meg Howell Mar 2015
After the storm, when the clouds are spiteful and vengeance has been taken
Breaking character at play practice for a moment of pure ecstasy and humor
Catching colds, leaving an imprint of sickness and annoyance on one's face
Dodging the curious stares of ex lovers with a feeling of relief
Envious emotions towards the summer when you're left with chills and bare trees
Frozen faces in shock of the aftermath of that day back in September
Gracious arms stretched open wide by a Savior who has nothing to hide
Helplessness left on the man alone in the street with nothing to eat
Ignorance comes with the guy who thinks he knows it all (but really knows little at all)
Jokes are thrown left and right coming straight for the girl in the corner who's feeling depression
Kindness shared between two strangers hopeful that soon they'll be more than that
Lovers share a softened gaze and a touch of hands producing electricity
Moms crying for their kids first day of school, tears of joy
Nasty boys with shallow minds give over everything they have thinking they have real "love" for the night
Open-minded people uniting in the world to feel a sense of community
Pretentious celebrities showing a carefree attitude for the camera, but heartbreak behind
Quaint and quiet simple minded people read their simple books and live in a state of simple happiness
Red cheeks flushed brighter than a firework in July
Static on the radio playing really low, a tune really slow, with a sad tone
Tucked in crop tops, high waisted jeans, & converse lending a helping hand with nostalgia for the 80s
Under said phrases and over said words shouted on the rooftop with remorse and bitterness
Vertigo left her in a state of constant anxiousness
Watery eyes dried by pruned fingers in the salt water pool mixed with salt water tears
X marking the spot where she caught him with her
Yellow, stained pages and the peaceful smell of antique books
Zealousness for life shone in her eyes, almost like a musician when their fingers brush calmly and excitedly over their instrument
I don't know. Take it as what you think it means **.
Its a horrible feeling.

It takes hold of your body.

Suffocating almost.

Toying with your mind,

you become someone you're not.

You want blood.

It creeps up your throat,

making you feel sick.

Its cold, thin hands crushing your chest,

causing your heart to ache.

Emotions tangle with anger.

A horrible, treacherous  battle.

Anger always wins. Always.

Then you grow cold.

Its sickening breath rolling over your shoulders and down your spine.

It reminds you of your pain.

And you cant bare it.

The green monster has you by the throat,

and it wont let go.

Its always there.

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