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Loving you feels like the closest ill get to see the blue of a flame.

From the inside...
I used to only read factual books.
I gorged on their secrets about this world.
Fiction books only told of secrets in someone else's mind.
A glass door to a lonely fantasy world, forever closed.

But somehow I got caught up in my fantasies of you.
I read your favourite stories to understand your mind.
Now I wonder wistfully through a fictional abyss, longing for you.
And when this story comes to a close, you'll still be a glass door.

Forever closed.
To me you are floccinaucinihilipilification,
and as **** as the word too...
'I don't want anyone to get hurt'
Your words as sharp as the knife you're twisting...
Some days,
life is like holding
an overflowing chest
of diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.  

Other days, I have the same chest,
but I just feel the weight
of a heavy box of rocks.
My tongue speaks in riddles my ears can't decipher.
It twists and turns, guiding a rollercoaster of emotion.
My hands protect my head during sudden drops.
As my knees crash to the floor to beg for mercy.
I decided to name my loneliness after you.
Then you'll always be here as if you love me too.
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