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Jayaji Jan 2021
Before you go falling in love with anyone else,
fall in love with yourself.

I don’t just mean the one in the mirror, I mean the
one with whom you spend your every waking hour.

The one you sit down to eat every meal with,
the one you lay down to sleep with every night.

Before you go searching for your soul mate, seek out
the soul within you who knows no opposites.

How can you give yourself completely, when
you are incomplete?

Before you go seducing another, align yourself
with the allure of your own gaze.

The eyes are a mirror, yet, how do you tell a reflection if you do not know from where you are looking?

Before you go throwing yourself upon
holy altars, throw yourself at the doors of yourself.

Keep knocking until freely there is an opening. How
would you arrive outside if not by a door inside?
Before you go proclaiming vows, promise one to yourself:

To love, so long as you shall live; for richer, for poorer,
in sickness and in health. till death do you part.

Before you go, promise me you’ll never forget, to take this lover out dancing, out dining, out smiling.

That you will treat them well, as a treasure, as a gift;
you may well be the luckiest one on earth to know this.

So before you go, know this,

before you go,

know yourself

as  love.
Jayaji Jan 2021
Try falling in love
at least three times

It can be with

Simply fall
into the beingness
that swells at the heart
when love, like a lullaby
hushes the mind,
tamed with a gentle whip
made of light.

as the monster sleeps
and the master awakens.
Jayaji Jan 2021
The true artist does not paint pictures,
the true artists lends themselves to be and become
a paintbrush in the mysterious hand
of life.

The true musician does not play an instrument
but allows that self to be an instrument played
by the breathing space that encircles
all things.

In this way my darling
there is nothing you need to do,
or seek, or find, or become.

No fireworks, no flashing lights,
no grand awakening to understand
that you are not creative,
you are creation.

In this way my darling, wisdom
is the opening into that very vastness,
to be contained by that which has no edge,
and there find, there is no center.

It is to contemplate the Great
Mystery, and at the same time find
the Great Mystery contemplating
Jayaji Jan 2021
Run after yourself.
Chase your own tail.

Catch that which cannot be caught.
Turn towards your own self,
and find that which does not turn. 

When will you see
the walls you *****
around your own heart
keep you imprisoned 
captive by belief? 

In setting the mind free
the heart soars. 
When the heart soars
there are no use for walls. 

What mast can I cast 
a rope towards 
to open the sails
in a windless sea?

To what dock can I stop
and secure a ship 
that is in the middle 
of the ocean? 

What ground can I lay
foot on when everything
is shimmering beneath me? 

This mind is like a bird
without branch to rest. 
Where then does one 
take refuge?

— The End —