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kaileia Mar 11
there was a girl who was tired from working too much.
she pleaded for the work to stop but it just kept coming.
drowning, drowning she felt like she couldn’t even breathe.
sleep didn’t even help her escape the immense responsibilities she had on her shoulders.

they keep coming.
they keep pummeling her.
they keep asking more of her.

she is spending herself.
she is spent.
she is exhausted.
she needs a break.
she needs to rest.

but rest is elusive.
she can’t stop working.
she has to keep on working and keep on going.
staying strong?
what does that even mean.

strength is all she has.
she relies on herself alone.
spontaneous writing exercise from class
kaileia Feb 4
a mind full of chatter.
a heart full of grief.
i need a moments rest
but even sleep escapes me.
it’s all so incredibly loud
kaileia Dec 2020
there’s a vacancy where you used to be
this empty space consumes me

time is an illusion and it eluded us
because you’re invisible, you see

i reach out with words that pierce the air
yet my hands can’t touch a thing

i don’t want to walk this path
only to trip and scrape my knees

even though i can get up on my own
my heart wishes you’d help me.
vacant space
kaileia Nov 2020
it seems like everything i've done
was wait for you

does it get tiring?
of course it does.

what keeps me going?

the slim hope that
you won't disappoint me
but would you ever see this
kaileia Nov 2020
like a stranger,
you bewilder me

i wonder why you don't work
the same way you did before

i can scream and scream all i want
but this is a transitional phase

maybe that's why they call it growing pains.
i love my body. my body is my temple
kaileia Nov 2020
healing (noun)
the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.
"the journey of healing is long and painful
but the end is worth the hurt."

2. healing (adjective)
tending to heal; therapeutic.
"self love was all the healing i needed."

healing is a path that not all are brave enough to walk.
one cannot be pushed or forced into healing.
they must make the choice for themselves.
the first step starts with
my healing
kaileia Nov 2020
i’m not used to being loved this way
i think i know what’s good for me
that’s all i have to say

i’m afraid, maybe
of losing what we have
i’m not used to being loved this way

my heart longs for company
whispers to the fear in my head
that’s all i have to say

how can i feel sure about love
when it makes me unsure, too
i’m not used to being loved this way

my pain is temporary, though it still aches
you were my saving grace
that’s all i have to say

those three words can heal but
i’m not used to being loved this way
that’s all i have to say
a letter to
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