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I’m trapped inside nothingness and I am left defenseless.
It seems to be pitch black as I open and close my eyes, there is nothing to be seen.
To be specific, it’s Vantablack.
It’s one of the darkest substance that’s known and it absorbs 99.96% of visible light.
You, you are my .04% when I’ve lost hope.
You, you are the thing that keeps me going.
I know the faith of mine has been wavering.
But you, you God are the reason I’m fighting to find my .04% chance of light again.
Cancer crept
into you.

An uninvited guest
lodging within
like tainted sin.

All that was
is dislodged now,
pushed to a different plain,
sickness and pain.

It happened to others,
you assumed,
now you were
of that in crowd,
the hopeful,
often the doomed.

The doctor attended;
tests performed;
blood tests taken;
treatment suggested,
light perhaps,
at the end of the tunnel,
or not as the case may be;
all too soon to say
as you waste away.

Cancer, the word,
a conversation killer;
who knows what to say
without sounding trite,
so say nothing,
pass it by
in a silent pause,
not sure of the reason
or where or cause.

Life changer,
a disturbing mental
car crash,
the past
a foreign country,
the future
an unknown script,
you see and hear
each second
in your body clock tick,
and those gone
and ticked.
Lynn 1d
Smile wider girl for life is kind.
Under the tent of true disguise
Your muscles strain to your demise
Keep feet within the shallow hide.
They will not come
They will not save
They sink you deeper than yesterday
They shut the light
They cut their faces
The last things shown is no ones grace
I see you more
I see you most
I whisper all your hidden hope
You name me blind
You turn the light
My dear sweet girl you cannot lie
I am your truth
I am your fear
I am the only thing you see
I see you pure and full of greed
As your blood flow I’ll be so near.
This is how I feel most time
The little children are there
They need someone to look up to
You can be that mentor
Be the person to help and guide their way through
Situations may appear to be tough at times
And they may need a helping hand
Just lend your voice and give them the inspiration
In order to make their world grand
before a rope becomes completely cut
those delicate shreds of strings twirled to embrace in union
untwist and gradually untwine
ever so gradually
but know they will separate one day

and once it's cut it can't be undone
the rope itself can be taped or glued
for external fix
but the shreds of strings that absolute its primal state
thousands and thousands of tiniest fractions that complete the rope
will forever struggle to find its individual continuation
will forever have lost its other half
i wanna take the subway
i wanna take the train
to the end
of the

i wanna think
in anonymity

of how i see you
in the face of each
passing stranger
of how your breath sweeps over me
in the draft from
the black tunnel

i beg the calm silence of
time passing
to align my hopes
i hope the city can set me free
i hope it reminds me that although i am lost
i am unafraid
A petition for forgiveness
Filled with happy lies and conniving rights
Sourcing change from numerous why's
Oh my, what a life to hide.

Building hope from where the past has been
Only to grieve from what has been
But never have I dream't of love so divine
Until I met you, and it all came alive.

But why do I cringe at all that I have
Only to weep to have it all back in mind
I'm sorry, isn't what you desire
But my love, its all I own in this life.
21st NOVEMBER, 1999
Fixating on the little light
left behind my eyelids
from where you’ve suddenly
turned off the bedside lamp
as if they all just want
to represent all the things
I look too much into.
Just another sour word is melting in my mouth
Never had the courage to show you what I carry
In my woven basket,that is my beating heart.

Just another step at the edge of the lake,
To see my reflection and trying not to blink
Where whispers that I hear, are real and not fake

Just another gray cloud above my head
It's quickly being chased away by young feathers
And still have to wipe, my last tear that I shed

Just another sunset, promises me, tomorrow,
All I need to do is close my eyes and rest
It's the fireflies turn, in the night,to glow..
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