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stopdoopy Jan 2019
Coming from the mouth of hate
A deep green ink tumbling out
With those **** red petals
Having been stained by the blood
Spilling into vile words of suffering
Twisting this way and that
As if alive- slithering into place

I would plunge the dagger
Deeper still into your chest
Turning it and slicing on either side
Until I could reach in and pluck
That beating ***** from the cavity
And hold it in my hand, so tenderly
Just as I always have been with you
And then crush it in between palms
Applying more pressure until
The pain is unbearable and then
Maybe you will have felt
What you've put me through
The line about the petals is reminiscent of my poem "Unrequited Love" and both pieces are about the same person.

This one came from the feelings of when you *****- the rising bile, acrid smell, acidic bite, the retching, and the tears.
Saint Audrey Jul 2018
Monsoon morning glow, glinting off another dying ditch
Littering, barely twitching instrument of compact destruction.

Noticeably different, near juxtaposed against the back light.
Noticeably strained, a coming age relegated to natural composition

It's hard to hold, memory, fragile fleeting
Slipped from its hold so easily, another piece shattering as it falls.

Repetition breeding more empathy than I can continually malign.
Forceful premonitions, until the choice to deny is taken from me.
All my thoughts, premeditated, actions, all deliberate
The illusion of choice shattered before me, as I take up my ill gotten arms.

Bolster myself with courage I no longer deserve.

And I get scared about just having to wake up sometimes.
The flood left a cavity.
It came in without mercy,
It removed and ripped what I held onto,
It took away what I loved,
But it's ironic that a flood of love removed all the love that I ever had.
The flood diluted it's impurities with my purities.
Brooke Benway Aug 2016
love will come to you
at random times in your life.
when you least expect it,
but when you realize
that you are in love,
you will understand that it happened for a reason.
you will find yourself undeniably happy
and when heartbreak comes,
you will hate everything,
but you must remember
that your heart will learn from this
and is making room
for the next person
to show up in your life
and live inside the cavity of your chest.
M Jun 2015
I think you are a cavity
In the way that everything that led to now
Was sweet
But now I can't get rid of you
And you are just a sore
rachel Nov 2014
You are so sweet
tasting like sugar,
sweet liquorice,
drenched honey  

I want as much of you
as my mouth will allow

I'm such a fool
for wondering why
I have a cavity
now that you've
CC Sep 2014
I used to have a voice
In my head
Telling me the reason
Why I do things

Now I despise that voice
Even though it is the
Voice of Reason

When you only listen
To the sadness
Anger and malice
In the voice
Of others
You end up
Below the empty well

How can I be helped?
Is there a way back up
From the dark well?
How does someone
Help herself
Trapped only with
The wrong voices
Inside her head?

Day by day
I will lose a fingernail
Climbing out
Of the silent well
I had sorrowfully
dropped my mind into
But I will gain what I have lost
And if hope will allow
Grow back my jaw
And you will hear
The solution
To fill the well inside of you
You are
The sea
Your tides
Washing upon
My hearts
Leaving pieces
Of salty
Burning brightly
In spectacular
Shades of
The ashes
Resting in
My chest
Cavity where
My soul
Peacefully resides

— The End —