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Lotus May 15h
     i            s
       e           u           r
          t            n          a

                                r       o           i       s
bring  the        p                  m                 e
            of  a new day

      I         b     r     e     a     t     h     e    

                                                           (I’m okay)
quiet sun rays bring
the promise of a new day
I breathe -- I'm okay
to know love,
we forsake our sanity,
the control over
our own minds
we take the risk of
losing more than just
parts of our hearts
to know love,
we break ourselves
over and over
only to chase after it
blindly again
despite knowing that
no one will ever
come close to truly
knowing love
seek solace
in the inevitable—
pain and suffering
will heal only from within,
the unchanging flow of time
will soon change  everything,
the sun will always rise and fall
the moon will still embrace all
today will come to an end
and we may part ways,
but tomorrow awaits
and we will decide
our own fates
we dance like                                 y
tiny paper kites                         l
seeing how high we can    f
just to get a taste of the  
                                       s     k     y
before the pull of g
                           ­     a
                      ­          i
                                y       comes

and we feel again the
                                    e     a     r     t     h ‘   s     hum.
there is beauty in
the mundane
when we slow down
amidst the hustle and bustle
and let ourselves
get lost in the vastness of the sky,
wonder aimlessly like
dandelion heads in the wind, then
get drunk on waves of nostalgia
while we ponder where our
dreams floated off to,
yet remembering again
to flow with time—not fight it,
for it is when we live in the present
that we see what we already have
is more than enough and
it is only through a grateful heart
that we can make the most out of
this beautiful mess
called life
I’m always first
to forgive—
even when
there’s no apology
even when
it’s not deserved

Yet why is it so hard
to forgive myself?
even when
I’m in need of it
even when
I’m always sorry

(I’m sorry to myself)
(I’m sorry to myself)
(I’m sorry to myself)
I really am sorry.
there is a

in truth

the path to get
there is hidden

and not easily found

and once found
it is jagged and

difficult to hold
onto and share

in any known
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