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Cloud Giante Oct 15
It’s not so scary down here
Rock bottom has a queer feel
Pressures of a reality you deny
Become too obviously real
Eyes pierce the veil seeking light yet
You’re no longer the passive observer
Down here you’re forced to face yourself
Don’t look away lest you be the loser
Just writing my thoughts
Cloud Giante Oct 15
Once was extro
But now I’m intro
And trying to invert it
Word is , I’m not perfect
Bordering being worthless
Born without purpose
But you make me a better person
I wrote this while lamenting how awkward I am, the one person who was helping me be less awkward stopped replying, and now I’m back to square one it seems.
Cloud Giante Oct 15
Our souls akin to oceans
Our emotions akin to waves
Our hearts embrace emotions
Our brains can’t do the same
The brain controls the heart

The mind controls the brain
The sun controls the moon
The moon controls the waves
Our thoughts can shape the Earth
Our love can do the same
The Earth controls the moon

So we control the waves
.wav theory - Towiko
This song always made me feel in control of those seemingly uncontrollable things, as if my destiny was my own to write, I added to the concept I think ?
Cloud Giante Oct 3
Even when I feel I trust
I don’t
Even when I feel I should
I won’t
Even if I wish I could
I can’t
She’s the same as me
I think
This distance between us can
I shrink
Or are we worlds apart inside
I’m ready
None can run and none can hide when
Worlds collide
Just writing my thoughts
Cloud Giante Oct 2
It seems I’ve been waiting for eons
One album later kings of Leon
When you said thirty
You meant Minutes or  eternities ?
But I’ll wait
So hurry up post mates
I’m soo hungry
Cloud Giante Oct 1
All day watch shows in my room
laugh and I cry in my room
I run I  hide from the truth
don’t know why I’m removed
reality is doomed
I’m afraid to make a move
A flower in cocoon
Waiting for bloom
To you outside my room
I’m breaking through soon
I just write my thoughts most times
Cloud Giante Sep 29
Mistakes were made
Regrets of a ghost
Gone when I was needed most
Time is finite
And those lies were my life
Regrets of a man
Mistakes were made
The price paid
My time, My life, My mind
I wrote it the night before my birthday, I was feeling anxious
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