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JR Jan 2023
If you can’t feel anything
You’ll never hurt
If you go on a trip
You don’t have to come back
I know I speak nonsense
Improbable things
Make your meals
Eat your money
Then repeat
Until the ending
They say go to bed on time
Because time is not my own
I have no control
One tear resting
On my piano alone
What if I died?
Who really cares?
These questions
Whispered at night
It’s me who does this
I’m self aware
What is poetic?
This is not what this was supposed to be
These are midnight thoughts
Thanks for listening?

Missed you all
It’s been a minute
Life moved on
I came back
Because I missed u in it
JR Oct 2021
Oh mirror
I believe you were made to taunt me
Few see beauty and peace
Most see something they can never be
Wanting is a burden
Having is a crime
What do I say to that?
Just give me some time
Paralyzed I stare
Oh mirrored me
Talk to me sweetly
Tell me
"wear and tear is normal
just confide in those who cry deeply"
I sigh alone fractured by despair
I walk outside
and I see mirrors everywhere

I still love it here! Treat yourself like you treat others. Unless you're mean. If so, work on that! :)
yzel Apr 2016
We were a crooked love
In a straight line down
Makes you wanna run and hide
But it makes you turn right back around

I wish you would come back
Wish I'd never hung up the phone like I did
I wish you knew that
I'd never forget you as long as I'd live

I wish we could go back
And remember what we were fighting for
Wish you knew that
I miss you too much to be mad anymore

And I wish you were right here, right now
It's all good
I wish you would
another lyric poetry i just love 'em

— The End —