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abigail j s Feb 2019
following my headlights
down a rainy street at midnight.
street signs illuminated:
warnings of curvy roads ahead
and mentions of a city that is to come.

head lights-
lights in my head.
I don't mean a car,
I mean the laser beams
shining in the darkest recesses
of my head.
pinpricks of tune in
an abyss of dissonance,
stringing together into a song
of faith.
of hope in the future and
focus in the present.
I will follow these head lights
down every rainy street.
headlights + the Lights in my head. written October 17, 2018.
Watching the light at the end of the tunnel,
the tunnel I have come to call abode
I stay wrapped in the familiarity of the darkness
The darkness I have come to know as norm
Fearful of its mystery shining bright and infinite
Wondering what the heck it wants from me
I run!
Run further, run deeper int secret sins
I feel my no more, going through the motions
Tripping over hidden guilt,
I am caught!
Caught in the sand slowly sinking beneath
Feet by feet till the sixth I am pulled
Pulled into the darkness darker
Than the familiar, for this is the end
The one fashioned just for me
I wasn't watching for it but I saw it
The light! the very one at the end of the tunnel
It was there, still here
It never left
It followed me, It followed me!
Into the dark of the darkness for there
It shone brighter and brighter and that which
Was deep black now was lit white
With arms outstretched he pulled me out
On ground solid my feet he set
heart filled with joy this question I asked
Who are you?
With love like none i had ever heard described
He spoke these words in return
The light of the world
The way, the truth
The life, the Saviour
I am

2 Corinthians 4: 6- For God, who said, " Light shall shine out of darkness", is the One who has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ
Jennifer Weiss Mar 2017
There are days where I do not know
Anything but, "I love you, Lord."
And when it seems I can't bear it most,
I turn to you Oh, Lord.
I am not perfect.
I am a mess.
But I am complete.
In Christ the one who rescued me.
I'll sing it all day long.
I need you, Jesus.

— The End —