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Irene Poole Nov 2017
Passing headlights paint-
ing highways down shuttle aisles,
Whitney wants to dance.
This came to me when I was on the bus to the mall tonight and Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" was playing on the radio. Even the littlest moments in life can be poetic.
Gabriel K Feb 2016
Let me not to the marriage of Katie
Hellkvist and me admit impediments
e.g. her boyfriend it’s complicatey
a smug **** wannabe, irrelevant

to me no he is immaterial
I want you so bad I would roast you *****
you’re a special spirit ethereal
I gotta chubby thinking about it

thy cherry lips and smudged eye make-up like
that Goth guy in The Cure Nick Cave maybe
sturdy face infectious laugh raven eyen
like Whitney truth I Will Always Love thee

If this be false and upon me prov’d
I never Facebook stalked nor ever lov’d
Jean Rojas Dec 2015
Someone is worshipping
The fallen idol
Whose sorry pieces
Are strewn all over
The strawberry walls
There is blood
On its wounds
And tears in its eyes
But the prayers
Never stopped
Till the mid-morning sun
Shown its face from the clouds

Someone can hear
The green notes
Terrorizing the lobby
But the emptiness
Is magnified..........
The eerie harmony,
Fed the notes
That are out of tune
They silenced the laughter
When the song ended in pain

Where are the broken icons?
The windows of regret?
To fading memories
Forced a muffled scream
Prayers are only heard
When a crowd comes to cheer...
A star that is dying..
And her voice is cracking...
Destroyed and long gone
No longer the angel in the choir
She is silently weeping...

Such is her destiny
And thus unraveled her story
Let this fallen idol
Rest in peace....
Let her savor the happiness
Denied to her here in this
Miserable earth
Let her sing for joy
In the altar on high...
Let her tears dry
And her sorrows fly...
Let her voice fill the rainbows
Parading in the sky..
For: Whitney Houston

— The End —