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Deniz Eilmore Feb 25
So many monsters under my bed
Each one wants my head
Each one wants me dead.
Amanda Feb 24
Often things go over my head
Miss subliminal meaning in words said
Am I really ****** because I do not understand
Innuendos the rest of the room can?
I will be the first to admit I'm unaware
There is more inside my skull than empty air
I remember when I was able to rely on my gut
When I wasn't always asking "what?"
Nowadays I am constantly left out
I am never quite sure what you're talking about
In the dark I am kept away
In a room shaded black and grey
Silence locks truth up tight
Concealing it out of my sight
Everybody is in on the most public joke
Except me beause I'm too blind to see through the smoke
I hope you don't think I'm ****** for asking questions
I am intelligent I just don't pay attention
My gullible nature may make me a breeze to trick
But the fact you see me as a target is sick
Sometimes I get the punchline too late
That doesn't make me a less suitable mate
Sorry for every embarrassing thing I have said
I don't know why but things too often go way above my head
I hate feeling like everyone is in on some joke that you don't get
Amanda Feb 24
When the world tears you apart
Do you follow your head or follow your heart?
Seriously though
Bhill Feb 23
How far, is my head from the ground?

Does the thought seem to make me look down?
It's not a subject, that comes up every day.
But how far, is my head from the ground?

It seems quite important right now.
Do I measure from my nose or the top of my crown?
How far, is my head from the ground?

I'm falling and falling and falling right now.
How far will I go till I stop?
I think the answer depends, on the answer to the question...

How far, is my head from the ground?

Brian Hill - 2019
I can be
whoever I must be
in a bad day
I shut down
on a good day
I open up
I'm sorry I will never know
what type of day
I'm having till you ask
so I can tell you
get the **** out of my head
Mya Feb 15
When I tell someone to
leave when I am the one who is hurt
and they leave without a fight

Deep inside
I am hurting a whole lot
Not showing the outside world
that my head
is spinning with a bunch of thoughts all at once
not being able to concentrate on the one thing I am afraid of

Distracted and making myself fear more than several things
at a time
dozens of scenarios pass through my head
with several ways to go through the scenarios
I always seem to get hurt or it concluding with me or someone else dying

Taking deep breaths focusing back to the world I am left to face my real-world problems
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