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Colm Jan 31
Shinkai understands light and reflective shadow. The flow of nature, pacing, and time. Capturing distances close, with quiet thoughts aloud, while voicing the humble machinations of the hopeful mind. He applies miles of perspective with both rigid and applicable standards, as well as a **** good ability to create the sublime. He is creator and visionary director in detail. And I admire and aspire all such of his kind. That's why.
A Reflective
Tony Tweedy Jan 30
Ten thousand lights or more all strung upon the sky.
Have stood there every night as life has passed me by.
Never did they notice me as they stood their constant place.
Never with cause to note the lines that time drew upon my face.
Throughout my every year they have never changed at all.
Their radiant glow never faded upon night-times magic shawl.
They stand exactly where they were on the day I came to be.
And there too they will stand when time draws it's end to me.
My mind has often pondered why stars outlast us so.
And as the sand yet dwindles I wish it more to know.
So many unanswered things.... so many lifetimes. Pondered, wondered.... never to be known.
C Cavierre Dec 2019
I’ve seen clearer eyes than his,
but there has never been
a sharper image of myself
back at me
than I see in his.
Colm Jun 2018
I see the sunlight in the trees, the newness of the summer night.

The rich green leaves, fresh cut grass and the threat of autumn. Ever in sight.

And every root and bark and stem is reflected in the builder of my own home.

For it will be a reflection of me, my power, my arms. Finite. Strong.
Random verse.
poe Oct 2016
I see a little bit of myself in everyone I know


But I see so much of me in you


I wonder if you see it, too
Caity Rose Jun 2016
A mirror is the the truth in a  reflection of the people we truly are. A reflection does not let you keep it hidden, nor let you hide it. For this very reason, she wore only mirrors. For nobody could look at her, but only themselves. She was society.

— The End —