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Sherri Harder
I have been writing since I was 10 years old and always excelled in English, writing, communications, and performing arts. Writing poetry for me is ...
grows harder and more vixenis
us    her life. As old as she is, she does not seem to be makingany preparations for dying. I dare say she expects to live forever.Ugh! ...


Qiver Oct 2018
Its getting harder to laugh a while

Its getting harder to happily smile

Its getting harder to put on a mask

Its getting harder to just walk past

Its getting harder to go socialise

Its getting harder to look into their eyes

Its getting harder to see the right choices

Its getting harder to ignore the voices

Its getting harder to keep secrets up my sleeve

Its getting harder to find reason to live

Its getting harder to not submerge

Its getting harder to suppress the urge

Its getting harder to say “I’m alright”

It’s getting harder to see the light

Its getting harder to run after

Its getting so.


It really is getting harder. I hope some of you could relate...
Empire  Jul 2019
You Use Me
Empire Jul 2019
I give you all


Your lips offer gratitude
But then why is it
That your actions
Make it clear
I am not a priority
To... anyone actually
You all USE ME
And I like it
I want to be helpful
I want to be kind



To your selfish ends
And at the end of the day
I look back
Feeling no affection
No warmth
No love
No kindness
I’ve been taken advantage of
Over and over again
So I sleep here alone
Wondering if I’ll ever be content
Because I’m SO **** NICE
So.... so you use me....
You never give back....
So I try harder
I try harder
I try harder
I try harder
I try harder
I try harder
I try harder
I try harder
I try harder
I try harder
I try harder
I try harder
I try harder
I try harder
I try harder
I try harder
I try harder

And you all
You know I require no payment
So I pour myself out for you
And you take it all
Leaving me alone

I just need someone
If just one could...
Could you maybe?
Just hold me for a while
Let my tears roll into your chest
Repeat to me
Everything I’ve never heard
Could you just....
Say something
To make me feel
Even if only for a moment
That I am worth
Taking up space in this world