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Drop in the Sea May 2019
Should I try harder?
Who can tell me this?
I got doubts and doubts got me
Should I try to kiss?
Tell me...
Masha Yurkevich Feb 2019
Always try
to look
for something
in each day,
even if
some days make you
look a little
Aseel Jan 2019
And believe me little girl: there’s nothing you can do for someone who chose to be sad.
Wellspring Nov 2018
Yeah, that'll get you places.
As the multitude of students waste away hours,
Studying, stressing, vomiting, anxious,
The hope that we'll eventually reach our dreams,
Yeah, that's barely what keeps us going.

We know our parents are pushing,
Always pushing,
For us to have the life they dreamed of,
But never had.

Do they ever think?
Does it ever cross their mind,
That maybe we don't want that?
Or maybe we want to make them happy,
So we push ourselves farther than we can go,
Just to keep them thriving,
For the last few years of their lives.

So instead of them checking on us,
Making US happy in our own life,
We are pushed, told,
"Study Harder" and "It's worth it!",
But I get the feeling,
Even with a university degree,
I'll still end up depressed, anxious,
And be worried about the future,
And with a debt that will just keep growing.
Somehow, my hatred for exams seems to be one of my biggest poetry motivators.
Crego Nov 2018
Funny how
it used to be
so comforting
talking to you
But lately
I’ve never been
more uncomfortable
just being around you.
Qiver Oct 2018
Its getting harder to laugh a while

Its getting harder to happily smile

Its getting harder to put on a mask

Its getting harder to just walk past

Its getting harder to go socialise

Its getting harder to look into their eyes

Its getting harder to see the right choices

Its getting harder to ignore the voices

Its getting harder to keep secrets up my sleeve

Its getting harder to find reason to live

Its getting harder to not submerge

Its getting harder to suppress the urge

Its getting harder to say “I’m alright”

It’s getting harder to see the light

Its getting harder to run after

Its getting so.


It really is getting harder. I hope some of you could relate...
Quin Rosenheart Sep 2018
I'm doing the best I can
With everything I am
But I am always told
They don't give a ****

I try my hardest to succeed
But there is a part of me
That wants to run away
And say I need to be freed

So I pick up my pieces
And stood up tall
I gather myself once more
Recovered from my fall
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