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ky Jul 2023
If you're happy with her,
stay with her.

If you could be happier,
Jae Elle Nov 2022



& I don't know
what that
Samara Nov 2020
it's a cosmic correction
     to live a little slower-
        be a little closer,
           live where you are,
              take care of your home-
                  and your home's home.

      To look into each others' eyes-
         no need to fake a smile
           can't see it anyway.
              You can't mask the tears
                      or the smize

           what if it's a hyper alteration
                       to change course
Reminder to heed the lessons of 2020 and Covid-19.
L Jul 2018
I put makeup on
but not too much
I wore my favorite outfit
straightened my hair

I felt good
and pretty

I left my house
my home
my safe place
someone looked at me
a moment too long
a little too judging

today I look pretty
I thought
that's why people look at me
I thought
I am going to be okay

I met friends
and a lot of people
and I couldn't help myself
but felt all eyes were on me
not in a good way
in a way
that made me feel uncomfortable
in a way I wanted to sink in the floor
and never come back again
in a way
that made me reconsider
my decisions
of dressing up
of putting makeup on
of straightening my hair
of feeling good
and pretty
Brian McDonagh May 2018
If there is a snare deadlier than boredom,
It is searching for an occupation
With the direct intention to pass the time.
Beware not to fall for an occupation
That seduces your commitment and dedication vainly;
For you will age with the regret
Of having some of your life’s story
Write what you actually did not want all along.
I do my best to avoid boredom because life has so much excitement to it that I never will fully realize, but then there are strings attached to the notion of keeping busy as well...
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
Some people see me as a zero
But I'm a ******* hero

Everyday I survive
What would make other want to take a swan dive
Off the brige on 65

Everyday I survive
What would eat others up alive
In the chaos I thrive

Yes some people conceder that I'm a ******* zero
They can't see behind the mask that I'm a complicated hero

Everyday is a boulder
I must climb over
it all leaves me a little colder

Everyday is a boulder
Ment to roll me over
My life's a **** rollercoaster

Some people need to reconsider what makes someone a zero
Because everyday I fight to the end, plainly makes me a hero
Dr Zik Mar 2015
You are You!
Who am I?
You need not to reconsider
You need not to feel shyness
You need not to compromise
You need not to hesitate
You need not to make request
You need not to bother about
You need not to make a hurry
You need not to protest
You need not to wandering about
You need not to ashamed for
You need not to chase about
You need not to lurk around
You need not to mad about
You need not to feel loneliness
You need not to be humble
All these things are for me
You need not to get rid of
Any thing!
For any one!
any time!
You are at the height!
Not in the depth!
Its all for me
I 'm humble and busy
With bow head I face you!
Only in want of you!

— The End —