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megan Dec 2020
empty bottles everywhere
awkward glances and longing stares
you’ve caught my eye, i can’t look away
makes me want to know your name

but i carry on sipping my drink
and try to dance with the music in sync
desperately trying to look cool
and pretending I haven’t noticed you
megan Nov 2020
everything hurts
my head, my heart, my lungs
because everything i thought,
everything i felt,
every breath i took,
started with you.

and somehow, it still ends with you.
megan Nov 2020
i used to sit on the staircase and listen to the fighting, the yelling, the blaming

i used to pray that they could find happiness

so when they decided, i said to myself that it’s better this way

but suddenly my whole life was packed in boxes and i had two rooms in two different houses with two parents who fell out of love
megan Nov 2020
i don’t know if what i felt for you was love,

but it doesn’t really matter anymore.

you didn’t feel it,

so i’ll pretend i didn’t either.
megan Nov 2020
i woke up alone and not next to you
last night i said we were through

been months since i saw you that night in june
I’ve been trying not to miss you

we haven’t spoke since i went away
that night there was so much i didnt say
why wont you ever be the first one to break?
i pick up the phone, and type your name everyday
megan Nov 2020
im in my bed
instead of yours
and theres no one to blame except your heart not feeling the same

all the things that you said
it felt like you meant
so i packed all my bags, took my broken heart back and i left
megan Nov 2020
we’re not who we used to be
we’re not who we used to be
you just stole my heart and left me here empty
and im trying to remember what it felt like when you loved me
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