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megan Jun 26
will i ever find out who i am?
or am i just a hologram?
an experiment in simulation
megan Feb 26
its hard to despise your reflection
when you refuse to accept less than perfection
and when you wake up everyday feeling as if you have failed.

its hard to fight against your body for control
as melancholy takes over your soul
as you slowly lose your mind.
megan Feb 20
i can still feel the electricity inflicted by your touch
i can still taste all your lies on my lips
but we were not meant to be.
and all i can think about is

are you finally happy?
megan Dec 2018
velvet rose sunsets
in between the sheets
me and you and our cassettes  
cruising in the front seats
megan Dec 2018
Anxiety and Depression
they form a lethal combination.

you’re  scared but also tired,
feeling to much but also feeling numb.

fearful of failure but lacking motivation,
wanting to be alone but afraid to be lonley.

you're at a constant battle with your Mind.
megan Dec 2018
you exist in every corner of my mind
and they say that love will make you blind,
but with you i see trichromatic
every second makes me more erratic.

tell me you don’t think of me,
you know my all my idiosyncrasies.
just let go and take my hand?
you are my only wonderland.
megan Nov 2018
why can we never listen to our own advice?
is it because it isn't true?
or is it because we realize we aren't worthy.
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