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Sea's End Apr 2022
I can feel you drift,
Like you're breaking up with me
Without any words.
a bit more straight forward
Sea's End May 2019
My wishes for others,
at times,
are uncharitable to say the least.

I'm not proud of anything but my honesty.
Tough times.
Sea's End May 2019
False hope rolls my way.
Trust; For me, a rarity.
Please don't let me down.
It's getting harder to believe that things will get better.
Sea's End May 2019
Mother, O mother,
You'll spit on my bones,
When I die, know I've tried, but my mind and heart froze.

You'll shout from your high horse,
and your empty shell,
That you'd **** me from heaven
If you could, to hell.
I know I haven't posted in a while. Mother's day was tough.
Sea's End Dec 2018
Little people, sing!
You were given thought and wit,
Let your hearts unwind.
You're not a little person to me.
Sea's End Dec 2018
I can feel her slipping away.
And yet,
I'm not holding on, either.
big ol' dent on my relationship
Sea's End Nov 2018
It’s deafening,
Living with your own ghost.

She haunts my corridors
Like a malformed memory that will echo
With each breath.
She wants to watch me
Indefinitely to the

Nothing would please her more than to watch me dig myself further into this hole of a life.

When I ask people to repeat themselves, it’s not because I couldn’t hear them.
Rather, because I hear her yelling at me to get out.
Watching me
Out of

Sometimes I wonder if I scare other people as much as she scares me.
Other times, I wonder if she is the one doing that for me.

I’m not insecure.
I know who I am and I hate that person.
And I know who I was,
And I curse my unwelcome passenger for the end product.

I am my own adversary.

I think I want to get better, but I'm really not sure.
We’ll see tomorrow, if she permits.
Wrote this in a really dark place. Revised it in a healthier state of mind. Anyway, anxiety is fun!!
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