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B D Caissie Oct 2019
I don't like to use the word hate, but busybody worker bees who micro-analyze what other people do or don't do, **** me off.

We're all different and have our own quirky personalities. I see those who single people out in so-called social circles. They don't fool me with their classic misdirection. Trying to hide and mask their own insecurities and weirdness. All to ensure that they fit in with the so-called norm.

I'm weird and I wear it like a three-piece suit, and you know what? I'm looking good! Attention all you circles, clicks, and social groups. I'll keep being me. If that puts me on the outside looking in, then so be it for that's where my freedom dwells.

PMc Sep 2019
A no hot-water turns Friday hotel frivolity into
“****-it” fortune and we just wanna’ go home

Burned toast with hard margarine, returns of
peanut butter and honey
makes most of morning’s breakfast
plugged sewers back toilets up non-serviceable
the bus is late, and the garage band sound-track is far too loud
conversation is inaudible, speed detrimental
spirit now dented

Stressors of first steps toward tomorrow’s last long look at love lost
bright financial future seeming more like
rainy Sunday afternoons

I needed a giggle more than ever
from you dear friend, a simple text
proved enough to lighten the load, broaden the smile
put it all into perspective while looking forward to our
one day together.
One of those days that starts out like crap - and we look at it in perspective and MUST make the most of the day we're left with.  Play the hand we're dealt so to speak.  One kind word or a good giggle from a friend can turn perception into reality.
Hussein Dekmak Aug 2019
When your housekeeper pours her heart into her work making your place clean and shining,
Say thank you!

When your waitress greets you with a warm smile, and tries her best to provide you a quality service,
Say thank you!

When your mailman struggles to delivers your mail fighting through challenging weather,
Say thank you!

Make them feel valued,
Express to them your gratitude,
Lighten up their day with words of appreciation,
Embrace them with humanity and treat them with kindness!

Hussein Dekmak  
B D Caissie Aug 2019
When I was a child for fun I used to pretend to have super strength when crushing crackers in my soup...
Huh! Turns out it’s still as fun as I remember.
Young at heart
Hussein Dekmak Feb 2019
The Heart is greater than the eyes,

for the heart, amidst all the pain,

sees through the delicate lenses of beauty.

The Heart is superior over the ears,

for the heart, amid all the loud noise,

listens to the softest whispers of humanity.

The Heart is bigger than the nose,

for the heart, among all of the scents,

smells the fragrance of new life.

The Heart is larger than the hands,

for the heart, amongst all that it can do,

touches in a way that is softer than the dawn’s dew.

The Heart is superior to the tongue,

for the heart, with all of its might,

speaks only the sweet letters of kindness.

The Heart is more immense than all of the human senses,

for the heart carries so much love,

it can lighten up the face of the whole universe.

Hussein Dekmak

Quin Rosenheart Aug 2018
You bring me up
When I feel down
You turn my frown
Upside down

I know it sounds cliche
But you're everything
My night and day
tom weaver Jun 2016
Trumpets blaring
clouds parting
all staring
in a roar

He's come! He's come!
He's come again
we've too long
ached for more!

Indeed my children
I've woke again
with three years
under my belt

I've been up
and I've been down
I've been numb
and even felt

No longer a boy
of sixteen years
as my journey here
had begun

But you don't care, I have like- what?- three followers?

anyways, I'm nineteen now.

and don't bother, I'll make applause noises for myself with my mouth.

— The End —