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Mohammed Arafat Apr 2020
Since years and years,
they talked Salam.
I see no Salam.
What is Salam?
I don’t know how to say Salam.

Mohammed S Arafat
Peace means Salam in Arabic. This poem is for those who have been talking about Salam and never made it happen.
Aseel Jan 2020
Hello sunshine
I’m going to try
But only this time

Hey life
Please don’t give me lemons
I’m too tired to make lemonade
No need to show your weapons
If you stare, then I’m scared

Mr. Night, salam
Salam means peace
And it’s all I’m asking for
Hide me away from the demons
And I promise I’ll hurt myself no more

neverlands Jul 2019
jika pada akhirnya, kita semua mengerti
jika pada akhirnya, kita semua tidak saling menghakimi
jika pada akhirnya, kita semua berdamai
kemanusiaan takkan hilang nilainya
martabat semakin dijunjung
peradaban tidak pernah mati
keep strong bruh,  J.nichol !!!

— The End —