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Since years and years,
they talked Salam.
I see no Salam.
What is Salam?
I don’t know how to say Salam.

Mohammed S Arafat
Peace means Salam in Arabic. This poem is for those who have been talking about Salam and never made it happen.
Aseel Jan 4
Hello sunshine
I’m going to try
But only this time

Hey life
Please don’t give me lemons
I’m too tired to make lemonade
No need to show your weapons
If you stare, then I’m scared

Mr. Night, salam
Salam means peace
And it’s all I’m asking for
Hide me away from the demons
And I promise I’ll hurt myself no more

neverlands Jul 2019
jika pada akhirnya, kita semua mengerti
jika pada akhirnya, kita semua tidak saling menghakimi
jika pada akhirnya, kita semua berdamai
kemanusiaan takkan hilang nilainya
martabat semakin dijunjung
peradaban tidak pernah mati
keep strong bruh,  J.nichol !!!
Rizna M Rameez Sep 2018
I will tell you of something
You may have encountered
Which you may have not
Fully understood

I will show you the secrets
Of a Muslim's prayer.

I will tell you of two
Out of the most important ones

Firstly, we have the physical
Mentally, Spiritually comforting
When we lay our foreheads upon the ground
Before our Lord
An act of love
Beloved of Allah

It releases anti-depressants
With Qibla and magnetism
Indeed, Allah is the most Great
Allah's workings are beautiful to state
The reason for my Science love bait)

And another, this, verbal
Mentally, Spiritually comforting
The Opening
That will open the hearts of those
Who are willing to comprehend

In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Praise belongs to The Lord of the Creation
(Indeed, we are mere humans, in this vast expanse of the Universe, yet you love us most dearly!)

The Most Gracious, Most Merciful
(By Your Grace, Your Love for us, knows no bounds and we cannot fully comprehend the extent of infinity, All of us are loved, by You, indeed how can we say we are unloved?)

King of the Day of Judgement
(You are Perfect in Your speech, surely we must not think we can take advantage of Your Love, certainly we are to be judged, Justice is to be given. Not an atom of unfairness shown. You are the Best in all things, the Judge with no flaws in knowledge or authority!)

Only You do we worship, and Only to You we turn for help
(How can we not? We are certainly always in need. How can we be blind to the proof of You? Surely, we can see what is around us. If not, we can sense.
Indeed, You are Loving. Indeed You are Giving)

Guide us along the straight path
(The path trod by the ones of heavenly abode. Indeed, it is our final home. Eternal. Never ending. And all you ask of us is to do good to ourselves and others, and for that to turn to You, for only You are able to give)

The path of those You have blessed, not of those who have earned Your Anger
(We fear, we may be led astray by our unconsidered desires, the ones we have not made efforts to polish, to harness. Our forgetfullness, ignorance. Do not let us be of those who have defied you, those of who have refused Your blessings, those who have failed in this test of life)

This prayer
This Muslim's Prayer
We pray TO Allah
But we pray for
Because we are the ones who benefit
As He is not in need of anything
And we are in need of Him
For everything.

I have tried my best to highlight some of the best parts of the Muslim Prayer.

Again, I am not very knowledgeable to fully explain the magnificence of it. If you are curious and search more, you will learn that every part the Prayer consists of mental, spiritual and physical benefits and only now in the 21st century we are uncovering the truth of the part of the extent of its amazingness.

This Prayer was gifted to Messenger Muhammad to pass on to Mankind. Indeed, it is a perfect gift from Allah. How can we think that this religion was founded by humans? Spread by the sword? Indeed these bring Peace to a human, something we lack nowadays.  Peace, one of the definitions of the word Islam.

Prayer showers upon us the Mercy of our Lord, lightening our heavy hearts, brightening our darkened faces.

Take the time and read this carefully. Take notice of every word. You will be comforted.

And I must say, the verses are English translations. How can translations convey the meanings of the jewels of Arabic Literature at the sight of which the poets put down their pens, unable to lay down words even with a fraction of its magnificence?

This is all I can do, by the power of My Lord. Surely, He gives to whom He wills, to those who ASK.


— The End —