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Wallflower May 26
lets just get over the facts
i didnt believe in feelings, in love
and you made me believe more than anyone else could
now i just want to get rid of my feelings
they are a pain in my ***
they eat me from the inside
and im like a ticking bomb
but love? love was never there
and still... somehow i believe in it
Wallflower Mar 30
Tall, skinny
blue eyes, blonde,
isn't that exactly
what guys want

This is what we were taught
Just look at Barbie
we all wanted to be her
and do we look like her? Hardly

Will you notice my brown hair?
My not so skinny waist...
Are you still here
or have I been replaced
Wallflower Mar 30
have a good day
calm your mind
you don't have to stay
You can run
as fast as you can
Responsibilities none
you don't have to stand
You can have your own kingdom
You can be a queen or king
You can share your wisdom
Yeah, I know what you think
This is not a reality
It's just a story I tell
There is no possibility
The world is a prison cell
My mind should have boundaries
believe me, I know
But I just want to live in peace
and you don't want to grow
So I'm just gonna go alone
in my new fantasy world
and I'll leave you on your own
Is that what I heard?
Okay, goodbye than
she said with hope she'll fly
And this is the end
for a girl that wanted to die
Wallflower Mar 30
Stop there for a minute
Look around yourself
There is no limit
on the list of people who need help
We live in a world full of pain
people are trying to yell
They have wrong thoughts in they're brain
And right now they're going through hell
Going through their life
but not actually living
Hoping they're only five
and that they're just dreaming
Be different then them
in everything you can
Just start living again
Maybe travel to Japan
Travel to Greece
Travel to Spain
or maybe Paris
Do things that make you happy
Act like a freaking child
Be a little sappy
and try not to lose your mind
Just start living if you can
So you could die a happy man
Wallflower Mar 29
Love is strong
addiction stronger
It can both go wrong
But addiction heals longer
or does it?
Isn't it the same?
It's just a conflict
a mindless game
that always ends in pain
with someone to blame.
So hey...
don't love
burn your feelings
and than the prize you'll pay
will be better than any play
Just trust me on this... I became addicted
and like I predicted
It ended up in pain
and I am the only one to blame
Wallflower Mar 29
All the broken words written on a paper
So you can read all of them later
And cry over them again
It's kind of like a game
You need poetry to be alive
But you're already dead inside
There are words full of anger
you write when darkness is near
you write them on your paper
as a silly little waiter
But in your mind you live in mansion
And your only satisfaction
Are those words you read every night
They connect us all and it feels right
To dream of things we never had
Trough poetry instead
Wallflower Mar 29
I promise
We will have all the time in the world
Yes, I give you my word
So now just put down the knife
Slowly, carefully
Yes, that's right
I know its heart to believe
But it will be just a bad dream
You will go to sleep tonight
And in the morning everything will be alright
You will laugh with your friends
Get yourself in a new romance
You will cry
that is a part of it
But someone will make you smile
And maybe you will feel like a ****
And you'll ask yourself why
Why should I stay alive
Why breath another night
Well... maybe just to see the light
the light that world can give
It's a good reason to live
You just have to open your eyes
And look up to the bright skies
I promise you the world
yes, i do
I know it must hurt
But remember... I love you
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